NASA finds 50 earth like planets

I think we can finally answer the question is there your life besides Earth. That answer came when NASA found only three thousand light-years away 50 Earth-like planets. Planets with water, Rock, volcanoes, atmosphere’s with ozone layers all orbiting Suns like our own.

This was found by only looking at a 1-inch Square portion of the Milky Way. They then took the amount of planets they found percentage-wise and what they found was if you expand that to the entire Milky Way. That there are hundreds of millions of Earth-like planets in the Milky Way. That’s going to mean that life is very common that you will probably find it in every corner of the universe.

I particularly feel that the crash in Roswell was a spaceship and they did find alien life-forms aboard. I think our government’s been hiding this fact for many years. Russia and other countries now are declassifying their findings and their crashes. What we’re finding is that the government has been hiding this for a very long time. We still on Earth for fighting over religious ideology. Maybe they feel that we can’t take the truth but the truth is if life is out there and they know about it then the religious implications to that could be mind-boggling.

Thank you, Brian

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