Xbox series s

I consider myself to be more than just a casual gamer. When the Xbox series X was available I tried to buy one and could not. Due to manufacturing and Chip manufacturing problems do to Covid I was unable to obtain one. Unless I was willing to pay over $1,000 from eBay from scalpers. I held off for a year until finally I gave in and bought the series s.

Now the series s was a console made for the casual gamer supposingly 1440p 60 frames per second and only 300 dollars. Now coming from a Xbox One X 4K most games at 30 frames per second I can tell you the series s is a welcome addition. It is very hard for me to tell the difference between my Xbox One X and my Xbox series s considering I said 10 ft from my 65 in TV.

So why should you buy a series s if you can’t get an Xbox series X I’m going to tell you that the auto HDR and the FPS boost and load times fort Worth you buying a series s. I did not think that the quick resume the load times would make such a difference but once you experience that you cannot go back.

I find myself replaying a lot of games like Skyrim, Witcher 3, borderlands, and fallout 4. Experiencing these games in a way I have never before the shadows the lighting the textures the quick load times the fast travel times are in seconds not minutes. I think anybody coming from a Xbox One X will be very happy with the Xbox series s and certainly happy with the Xbox series X if you can get one.

The only problem with the Xbox series s is a small internal hard drive I was able to secure the two terabyte expansion drive and I bought a cruiser 2 TB SSD external hard drive. I have no problem existing with the series s until July or even the end of the year because there are no games right now that are pushing my Xbox series s to its limits.

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