About Brian Harris

 About Me!

I’m 50+ and disabled with a form of aggressive arthritis called Ankylosing Spondylitis. Im

The ankylosis, made by Senseiwa, with an image...

a Republican with conservative lean to the Right. Government should get the hell out of our lives and stay out like the constitution says. Only be there to protect our shores, make sure the legal system works, and help those Disabled and Sick. Should make sure that Racism and Equality is upheld and the poor and Immigrants get a hand Up. It’s not there to make us Dependent or control what we think or say. It’s not their to take our money and spend on ridicules programs or political agendas. They have spent our country and kids futures into the ground and im mad. Like everyone else disgusted with all politicians and government in general that has strayed from the constitution. The people in Government now have an ideology of they have to take care of you from the Cradle to Grave..

I’m divorced and living in NY my hobby is building custom gaming machines. I was an automotive Mechanic and Machinist. Cars was and still is my true first love !. Nothing is better than taking a 20-year-old car and tearing it down. Then making it like new or better than the engineers who built it could. When you have completely rebuilt a car and you turn the key and the engine roars to life. The customer get’s in and you drop it in drive and lay 150 feet of rubber and the customer has a smile on their face. Nothing is better then that feeling it never get’s old. I have had 2 hips replaced and had what they call bird cages put in. I wore the top of the femur right through into the pelvis so they have to make a little cup. It Took 2 years to get back to some type of normal after the hip surgery’s. I have other complications from the disease. If anyone out there has AS i would like to hear from you.

My Beliefs and thoughts on The Government:

  1. I believe in that good old-fashioned hard work is the way to get ahead. I don’t believe in the government having so much control or access to our lives.
  2. I believe that everyone should be able to marry who they want. But that marriage is defined between a man and women. When 2 people who love each other are of the same-sex then it’s a partnership. Call it what you want but the definition of a marriage is between a man and women.
  3. I belive these partners should have protections and legality that marriages hold.
  4. I believe that anyone who is here illegally should be sent back to their country. If their kids were born here then there illegal too. I don’t believe in this your born here your automatically a citizen.
  5. Anyone here illegally and attending our schools they and their dependents should have to pay for it.
  6. Anyone here illegally that gets hurt should have medical attendance. But that they should have to pay for that. If they have insurance from their own country or its a country with universal health care. We should be reimbursed for that care given to any individual by that government.
  7. No one should be allowed to come here whether illegal or not. If they have been prosecuted and found guilty of a violent crime.
  8. Our government should have to balance budget every year. If it can’t balance the budget, then congressman and senators should have their pay docked. This government has gone on to long making back door deals. Overspending and miss uses our funds collected for their own gain.
  9. Why is it most go into politics low to middle-income. while in office they become millionaires and leave office multi millionaires. I saw an article on Nancy Pelosi the first year she was speaker she made 200.00 grand. After becoming speaker her income was 1.5 million dollars. How did that happen..?Nancy Pelosi and Lance Armstrong
  10. Almost 50 percent of Americans don’t pay taxes why is that. Why should the over 250 grand pay 35 percent or more in taxes. I believe this country will never be straight till there is a flat tax. Everyone pay a fixed fee period…!

    European countries that have flat tax systems ...

    European countries that have flat tax systems European countries considering a flat tax system (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  11. There should be term limits and no one can run more than 2 terms. Ny allowing people to stay in positions for decades or more. You make them more prone to making more fraud and waste. They become to powerful they have too much invested and they think of them selves and not the people.

I live in New City NY in a Disabled and retirement community that’s pretty nice. I’m a father who went through 2 Divorces one was pretty bad. Kida re all grown up and doing pretty good. these days if your kid not doing Drugs and Working your ahead of the curve. I like to do online gaming and play around creating apps. I help out the family and friends with their computers. I build custom computers for those that want specializing in high end cooling solutions. I have this blog I like to write in and voice my opinion for what its worth.

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