Genetic engineering

We are in a dangerous Direction when it comes to creating manipulating cells and DNA. The Scripps Institute created a artificial cell by using artificial DNA DNA that was created by using a computer that does not exist in the natural world. The Bible talked about this in the Fallen Angels who came down to earth and messed with the existing life forms creating all kinds of monstrosity.  Enoch was tasked with killing and finding all these monstrosities. To rid them of the Earth that is what the flood was about. 

But we are now becoming the Fallen Angels We Are manipulating creating altering life-forms. This is a dangerous path to go down because we may one day create a virus or a bug that does not behave the way we wanted to and could potentially put us all at risk. What if we create a smart ascension being in a tube that grows and become something unmanageable and sees us as a threat.

At what point do we stop when the research into genes and genetics. Where we go from here Alters Life Beyond what should happen naturally. Many scientists are debating amongst themselves whether we should do this at all. We may one day create a bug or virus that does not occur naturally in our world and could wipe out all of mankind. What are the spiritual and religious implications of doing these things to existing life-forms. We’re creating life forms that don’t exist naturally do we become self made gods. Will we one day have to answer for all this by whoever and whatever created us.

Thank you, Brian

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