Political Thought’s

Trump has Won so below is still relevant because it follows the struggles we had to get here. Also because he no longer president doesn’t mean he isn’t going to still be a influence. When trump get a little more time under his belt I will right more about him ! But thank god he won and Hilary didn’t and the Democrats are n longer a threat for now.

King Obama Bashes The Christians, spit’s on the constitution, Frees the illegals, Throws Israel under the bus, Tanks the Economy, Adds millions to the welfare rolls, Makes us an easy target for terrorist, Changes the way Washington works, Takes away more freedoms, Let’s dictators run the world, Let’s a King fight our Wars, Lies to our faces, Has his friends lie to our faces, Prevent us from Energy independence, Pushes business’s abroad, Opens our Borders, Invites millions of illegals to be Citizens, Emboldens Russia to Seize land, Spit’s on the graves of Vets, Replaces Radical Islam with Work Place Violence, Prevent the media from saying Radical Islam, But everything is good as long as he can play golf..! 

Obama has gone off the Deep end and taken us with him and destroyed what’s left of the cliff. He has single-handedly taken this country from #1 to 12th in the latest poll of which country has more freedoms. He has abandoned the constitution and changed the way Washington does business for ever. He doesn’t get the threat that Radical Islam poses to this country. He plays the Race card every chance he can and demonize the right. He is ushering in a time that will be hard to change or go back too. The debt has quadrupled in the 8 years he has steered this doomed vessel. The dollar is close to being replaced or collapsing in total. And the poorer people are so dependent on government aid now there will be no going back. It will be a couple of generations before this can even start to sway back to the center. People are so enraged and mad now at his latest stunts he may have set the fuse for political revolt. When a King of a small Muslim country takes center stage in the fight for terrorism things are out of control. Our allies are mad and despondent and our enemies are emboldened and encouraged to fight even harder.

So many Democrat’s have been caught in lies and shady deals lately it is embarrassing. It’s funny how when a democrat gets in trouble in the office. Like Clinton, Weiner, Wrangle, and Jackson or Sharpton just to name a few. The whole party is ready to forgive them, and lend them there support. Hell they even get them the best lawyers to skate by on and back room deals no punishment. Not only do they stay in office but they get promoted to a higher office. Why is it that many of these people go into office net worth under 1 million. 6 to 12 years later there worth 10.5 million more like Pelosi. How is that possible there must be one hell of a salary. Your not supposed to get rich working in the halls, Your supposed to serve the people and receive a normal salary. It’s supposed to be a calling and something you do to make the country better. Not make deals with lobbyist, and make yourself richer or rob the poor. They Rape with government contracts, and start wars than profit from them.

I am so disillusioned with the process and the people in our government. First i cant believe how much the government has grown. We have a Division for everything and a division for every division. We have sat back and allowed the government to take us for a ride. We have said nothing because they give us money, food stamps, subsidiaries etc. They help pay for our educations and almost every thing else they can get people dependent on. When ever the government gets involved in anything its less efficient and more expensive. The whole 700 million dollar website for Obama care is a disgrace. Think of all the people you could feed with that money. The tax breaks you could offer business to come back to this country. the retraining of people to go from laborer to high-tech workers. A website that should not have been more than a few million to 20 million professionals say. then you go and hire the same firm back to do the payment side of things.

What a world we live in today less freedoms and a failing economy. Compared to when i was a kid this  world sucks. I can’t believe where this country is going and what has happened to it. You can no longer smoke a cigarette outside on the sidewalk let alone in a bar. So it’s ok for me to go drink myself till i have cirrhosis of the liver and cancer. God forbid i might get cancer from smoking. We should worry about bigger problems that we have. Maybe I’ll have healthy lungs but kill 10 people on the way home from being drunk. When i lose control of my car in a drunken stupor flip it 4 times. It’s illegal to smoke but drinking is ok go figure.

God forbid i say something that goes against the left liberal view. I’ll then have the big 3 media outlets camped out at my house calling me a racist. Worse they’ll take something i said out of context. Then edit it so i look like an idiot, racist, anti-american or worse. The media now shapes all political thoughts and trends. We are saturated with information overload. We no longer have to think for ourselves. It’s served into neet snippets designed to sway our opinions.

God forbid you hire a lawyer and go to the courts to protect yourself or your right’s. you’ll end up with the AFL-CIO attacking your family, your business. Or Jesse Jackson will show up and extort a donation to the rainbow coalition. Only the color of the money and the favors you’ll owe. I say go ahead come after me i don’t have anything or own anything. The government already cleaned me out a long time ago. Now they want to go after my kids and my kids, kids.

Nope certainly not the world i grew up in..!

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