Computers Hardware

Intel I7 960 –  Thermaltake Spin Q Cooler – Asus Rampage iii Motherboard –  12GB of Corsair 1333 MHz DDR3 memory. 4 Western Digital 6 GBPS 1TB hard drives – Antec 1200 Case – Pioneer Blue Ray Drive – Lit-on DVD re-writable – 2 ATI 5700 1GB video Cards – CoolMax 1200 Watt Power Supply – 24 ” Benq Monitor 1600 X 1200 – Tripp Lite 1200VA Power Line Conditioner – Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard – Logitech G9 Mouse – Creative Labs Web Camera – Logitech Gaming Headphones – Creative Labs 5.1 Speakers – Western digital 2TB My Book Essentials – LG 47 ” LCD with Web Apps – Xbox 360 320 Star Wars Edition – that’s my setup it works pretty good for gaming and Application Development.

Some of my Favorite Hardware & Software sites:

Microsoft: They have allot of useful stuff you should take the time and surf the site. there some cool tools and updates you can download and keep. Try some of the trials and how to Videos.

TechNet: Everything you want to know about picking Windows Apart and learning all the little tricks.

Gamespot: the only place to go besides IGN for games and trials or cheats.

Steam: The only Game server I use buy a game its always their you can download to all your computers. Downloads and updates are free and done automatically.

Toms Hardware: the only place I go for Reviews and Help with setting things up or Configuring them.

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