NASA finds 50 earth like planets

I think we can finally answer the question is there your life besides Earth. That answer came when NASA found only three thousand light-years away 50 Earth-like planets. Planets with water, Rock, volcanoes, atmosphere’s with ozone layers all orbiting Suns like our own.

This was found by only looking at a 1-inch Square portion of the Milky Way. They then took the amount of planets they found percentage-wise and what they found was if you expand that to the entire Milky Way. That there are hundreds of millions of Earth-like planets in the Milky Way. That’s going to mean that life is very common that you will probably find it in every corner of the universe.

I particularly feel that the crash in Roswell was a spaceship and they did find alien life-forms aboard. I think our government’s been hiding this fact for many years. Russia and other countries now are declassifying their findings and their crashes. What we’re finding is that the government has been hiding this for a very long time. We still on Earth for fighting over religious ideology. Maybe they feel that we can’t take the truth but the truth is if life is out there and they know about it then the religious implications to that could be mind-boggling.

Thank you, Brian

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Genetic engineering

We are in a dangerous Direction when it comes to creating manipulating cells and DNA. The Scripps Institute created a artificial cell by using artificial DNA DNA that was created by using a computer that does not exist in the natural world. The Bible talked about this in the Fallen Angels who came down to earth and messed with the existing life forms creating all kinds of monstrosity.  Enoch was tasked with killing and finding all these monstrosities. To rid them of the Earth that is what the flood was about. 

But we are now becoming the Fallen Angels We Are manipulating creating altering life-forms. This is a dangerous path to go down because we may one day create a virus or a bug that does not behave the way we wanted to and could potentially put us all at risk. What if we create a smart ascension being in a tube that grows and become something unmanageable and sees us as a threat.

At what point do we stop when the research into genes and genetics. Where we go from here Alters Life Beyond what should happen naturally. Many scientists are debating amongst themselves whether we should do this at all. We may one day create a bug or virus that does not occur naturally in our world and could wipe out all of mankind. What are the spiritual and religious implications of doing these things to existing life-forms. We’re creating life forms that don’t exist naturally do we become self made gods. Will we one day have to answer for all this by whoever and whatever created us.

Thank you, Brian

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What’s the one constant rule in this universe !

I was sitting last night and I’m thinking to myself what is the purpose of all this life the universe. Why we are here ? and I thought to myself what is the one constant that exists in all life forms in all places in this universe. Then it hit me the one constant thing that exists everywhere is life reproducing and death. All things give birth then reproduce and die. 

  1. Whether you’re human you are born get married then reproduce to pass on your genes and then you die.
  2. Whether you’re an animal you are born pick a partner reproduce and die.
  3.  Even if your a plant you are born and seek out a way to reproduce and die.
  4. Even if you are  a virus your born reproduce sometimes mutate and die.
  5. If you are a universe you are born through a big explosion you then reproduce giving birth to planets and stars. Eventually this universe will die they will become a cold dark place with nothing.
  6. If you’re a star you gather dust and particles until gravity becomes so intense and then you give birth to a sun.  That gives birth to planets, those planets give birth to humans, plants and animals. Eventually that son becomes a supernova and dies and that gives birth to our next category.
  7. Even solar systems are given birth to usually from a supernova that forces the compression of the Dust, gas, and particles. That gives way to planets and stars being born again.

So to me the purpose of life even if your a solar system or Galaxy is to give life to and reproduce then pass it on. Maybe when the Bible writes about eternity maybe that’s what they mean by eternity a never-ending cycle of life and death. We don’t know who or what is responsible for all this except for and Christianity we call it God if you’re an Indian on The Plains in the Americas you call it many things Mother Earth the mud people etc. Although they’re not too far off when you consider that Earths life did come from a pond of mud. If you’re a scientist you believe that life was Seated on this planet from another planet.
When Einstein thought about relativity and the beginnings of the universe it was a mind changing answer, a whole new way of thinking about us and the world around us. The big unanswered question is what was before the universe ? maybe we will never know that answer. Maybe we are not supposed to know the answer to that question. Maybe some brilliant entity or God created a law of physics that gave birth to all this. Either way life exist things are born and then reproduce and die. Then cycle starts all over again and will continue to happen again forever. 

Thank you, Brian Harris – 2017

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