Dolbyvision and 4k amazing

If you could afford a newer TV Dolby Vision, HDR, Dolby Atmos is absolutely amazing. I’m not sure if you can pick up on the resolution in a photograph of uploaded. But even when you go to take a picture with your phone off your TV it comes up HDR and Dolby vision if your phone is capable of it and HDR.

If you’re into playing games with an Xbox or a newer PS4 Pro HDR gaming and 4K is absolutely amazing also. You can’t find many 4K TVs that are Dolby and HDR capable now for under $700 in the 55 inch range.

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Radical Islam

Hi, People

People do not realize that these Islamic terrorist and radicals want to kill us not because we are Americans ? or we are white etc. They want to kill us because in their holy book from the word of God it says they must do this in order to be good Muslims. We are infidels so they hate us !

  • because we are Christians they hate us,
  • we are Jews they hate us
  • we are gay they hate us
  • we are educated they hate us.
  • We let women drive and go outside they hate us

you cannot reason with these people you cannot change their minds. This kid holding a uzzi was taught from the day he was born to hate the infidels that it is his job to kill us in order to be a good Muslim.

Cracks me up when the Democrats or the left says we can be friends with them and we can coexist. Has any of them ever read the Quran ? I suggest everybody go read it then pass judgment on whether we can coexist. Where they say we help recruitment when we keep Guantanamo open or we mistreat prisoners. They put their own kind through more hell than we ever could. It doesn’t matter what we do or say they’re going to kill us no matter what.

The Mayans used to sacrifice little babies because they believe that they were appeasing the sun gods. They did this for a thousand years because it was their belief ! their religious belief. In the 1500 the Crusades went on thousands were killed because of the word of God. In the 17 hundreds witches were burned in the Northeast because it was an offense against God.

We are not the God-fearing people that settled this country 200 years ago. People don’t go to church everyday, people don’t pray everyday, people take the word of God in vain. So it’s hard for people who are not God fearing spiritual Beings anymore that we used to be. Think how could have a people do this in the name of their God there holy book. How could a group of people incarcerated beat and kill their own in the name of their God. We forget that just a hundred years or more ago we were the same way.

Thank you God Bless America and all its people

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Our very existence effects reality

Hi, People

The double slit experiment

This experiment prove that the very existence of us watching 8 event can affect reality and how particles react in this universe. The mind-blowing part of this is suppose there are multiple universes. Or one universe but multiple levels of people existing at the same time all with a different reality. That we can’t see each other interact with each other we are separated by some rule that the gods have created.In order for you to understand what I have just said you have to watch the video.

Suppose you took an electron or photon and fired it at a 2 slits. That Photon would always go through that slit you would think. The strange thing is that these particles happened in waves and these waves the particles Landing everywhere and anywhere at all times. But when we added a camera and then the particles acted the way you would think they’re supposed to act. So the the mere existence of you watching whether physically or through a camera had affected the reality of the particles.

But what happens is somehow in the end they all seem to take a path. It seems that we affect the laws of physics. That quantum mechanics and particles may not act the same way in a given reality. It just maybe who’s watching them, who’s observing them that affects the way they act. In different realities they may act differently. There may be different laws for physics in different universes or realities.

This might explain the very possibility of you walk through a door and you take a right, but then another you takes a left, and another you straight. That’s how in the universe we were able to have all possibilities and outcomes. Or the old problem if you go back in time and kill your father how can you exist. You were never born ? well maybe only in that Universe your not born. But you still exist because every single possibility is happening at the same time. This could be the laws of quantum mechanics and how you can have multiple universes and multiple times or multiple you’s.

Multiple realities exist ?

Maybe when we die this is where we go to one of those alternate realities where universes so close but yet separated ?

Thank you, God Bless America and its people

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