July 4th what does it mean


​Less then 100 years ago most people were illiterate. Early 1900s most people didn’t finish grade school. But they were sent off to war at 16 years old. Our country was started buy a bunch of businessmen who had no formal education. What day did have was an innate ability two create and grow businesses. They did understand what oppression and life was like in other country’ss. Many government’s who comprised of an elite bunch of people with privilege and breeding. While the majority of people in those countries suffered and working for the previous people mentioned.

This country was an experiment in the making ! where people from other countries who are used to being taxed and worked to death for the elite suddenly could have a country where the average man could build and make his way in life free despite with his breeding and privilege. Almost every government back then was either communist socialist where did carrying there were no countries with a free government where the people were number one. Our Constitution and freedoms built into our government are the envy and practice around the world with other countries that have been freed.

Our founding fathers who came from England, France, Germany, Belgium, the Baltic and Middle Eastern country’s all understood that the price of freedom is worth dying for. Many Americans today come from a generation that has never had to die or sacrifice, band together in order to protect those freedoms. This has created a few generations of kids that just don’t understand the price of freedom is spent by Blood. They take everything for granted and think that they are owed everything. What they don’t understand is that even in this country in the early 1900s there were women and children dying in the streets because there were no social programs. But even that fate was preferable to the incarceration torture and killing that went on in other countries at the time.

Women have been and always be the unsung heroes throughout time. Women have always had to pick up the pieces of family and husbands after Wars. Many have treated the sick and cared for unintended dregs of society. And here in the United States they are more appreciated than anywhere else in the world in many countries women around the world or treated worse than the cattle or the dogs in the family. If it wasn’t for Abigail Adams this country may not have even started it was her support of her husband that made the Adams House hold instrument in starting this country. Women are favored by God the fallen angels and others. They mature faster and they live longer. In many cases they are smarter than men and stronger in certain circumstances. Many women are overlooked for their support and relevance in creating this country.

We have to go back to teaching in schools the importance of this country the people who founded it and the mothers and daughters who helped us along that way. We have to stop creating generations of kids who know nothing about their history or where they’re going. We have to teach them that the sacrifices their father’s, grandfathers, great-grandfather’s Made for This country. They are the reason why they can expect to or feel they should have all the things that they do. Teach your kids what this world would be like without the United States and the people who died and fought before its creation and freedom.

Thank You, Brian

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I'm Disabled from Ankylosing Spondylitis my Back and Neck are Fused. I'm a Father, Brother, Divorcee, Friend, Lover, Philosopher, Spiritualist, at times a Comedian. I have Travelled too and lived in other countries. I have seen real poverty and death in South America. I used to work in construction and later as an Auto Mechanic. I grew up in a Middle Class America very different then today. Americans used to be Patriotic and proud of their heritage and beginning’s. It was your duty to serve your country and a privilege. I'm Proud to be An American and o make no Excuses for it..!
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