The Cosmos

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We can only know about the life that has happened in the past 500 million years. This planet is 4.5 Billion years old. The planet has gone through multiple changes in Atmosphere, and Climatic changes Climatic changes supporting or destroying life. The continents have come together and then split possibly more times then we know. Can we say for sure that there hasn’t been intelligent life here before ?. Intelligent life could have evolved way before the dinosaurs 500 million years ago. That would still leave 4 billion years left and Life could have started after 1.5 billion years. The planet was stable enough and land was visible at that time. If humans have evolved. from the Neanderthals living in caves to travelling to the moon in a second on the evolutionary time clock. Did that happen by Darwin’s law  or were we helped along the way by some other species. Is there a watchers class of beings, entities helping us ? there is many writings in ancient tablets and in stone of such a people. There were many species of humans on earth and even Giants with 6 fingers and toes and double rows of teeth.

This planet is old enough that our history could have repeated a few times. If Darwin’s theory was right and species have taken 100’s of millions of years to evolve. If you take the fact that 100 million years for man to go from ape like till now ? Then the earth has been around for 60 times that 100 million that a species could have been. Maybe man like creatures have happened before and destroyed themselves ? Ever see the series earth 100.000.00 years after man. They did what would happen if man disappeared would our buildings and evidence be around after 100.000.00 years later. In this time they found that no buildings would be around , no streets, cities, tunnels all would be reclaimed by the earth. Because of that wonderful effect of plate tectonics that would all be re absorbed and melted back. Imagine all that steel and gold , copper, etc., all added back to the earth.

What happened with Man ? how did we go from Lucy a 3.7 inch tall chimp like creature to the moon in this short time. You have to think whether we have been jump started by some other force. Or can there be a Ancient Aliens that interfered with our evolution or path. Alien can be anything from the watchers or God and Angels. The bible and Sands Script is full of reports of beings tall and unlike us to having wars in flying machines. An area off India under the Indian ocean was dug up and some arches and columns had radiation and marks that only could have been made by Lasers or other type of energy weapons. So the writings of light like cannons and projectiles are being backed up.

Read the book of Enoch Noah’s great grandfather  Methuselahs son ! he had allot to say on the subject of giants and strange creatures. Apparently the watchers or Angels came down and changed our DNA through procreation or advanced medical techniques. The book says they slept with the inhabitants and produced people or animals that god didn’t like. When Noah was told to prepare for the flood of the earth to get rid of all un-pure life. The Fallen Angels  were apparently stuck here after being kicked out of Heaven. They taught us the planets and metal working and use of tools. They schooled use in the arts of War, Alchemy, Medicine and there were giants. people 7 feet to 15 feet tall and even a race of people who were cannibal praying on the smaller races.

The Nephelium were supposed to be descendants of God’s fallen  maybe. The Hebrew bible is ambiguous about the genesis chapter ” The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown” SkeletonsSkeletons have been found and photographed over the years of Digs that been going on. It’s Odd that all skeletons found have mysteriously disappeared and hidden away except for a few thigh bones or arms in private collections. The Philistines were a warrior feared people who in early days were said to eat their captives. Considering the world population was so slim back then. There was plenty of animals to go around so they were eating humans because they liked it.

Occasionally we get some one who considered a giant today Like André the giant. The tallest man in the world pushing 8 feet plus. Many other freaks of nature 10-13 feet have popped up over the years not to long ago. Are these the product of DNA reversion or what doctors attempt to explain by disease and glandular problems. The whole story about David and goliath is about the descendant’s of the Angels or Watchers. The earliest Pure humans like Enoch to Noah lived to be 300-900 years old. Maybe the first intelligent humans were descendants of GOD or the DNA was so pure there were no diseases and defects. Tricky thing about DNA is when it replicates a part of its damaged each time it’s passed. World population back then was thought to be in the 100 thousand the most maybe not enough damage to the original DNA. Maybe it was the Ancient Air and Climate back then much stronger magnetic sphere and ozone layer kept all radiation and UV out.

Just maybe there was a race of humans or intelligent human like ancestors before us. Maybe they left the planet and a few stayed behind to shape what we called modern man. Or ancestors could have landed or crashed from some distant planet and galaxy far away. Then Seeded life here and raised a civilization of workers like ancient Egyptians. Maybe they left long ago and for 2 Billion years there was only bacteria or single cell life. Later evolving into fish, reptiles and then mammals. Think about it only 300 thousand years ago there was more than one species of man on this planet. All the paintings and writing’s all tell of planets or star systems.  They couldn’t have known about unless taught by someone we just verified Cygnus constellation was written about in ancient tablets. There may have been life and structures on our moon. Maybe by the watchers or the Aliens that may have had a hand in our evolution. many NASA employees and astronaut’s have said they all seen structures and strange vehicles.

Some people i talk to say no it can’t be we know the earth’s atmosphere was almost all methane at one time 600 million years ago. I say yes that leaves 600 million years 4 times left over. We know that some simple creatures and bacteria can live in almost all methane atmosphere. How o we know that an earlier species of Ape – Chimp couldn’t have adapted to it. Their a theory of a water Ape that we may have evolved from or was the basis for Genetic manipulation. Then there was the carbon dioxide rich time planet went nuts across the globe. How can you tell me for sure that there couldn’t have been a society with houses, buildings, planes or even space ships before ? Maybe there a lost civilization lost civilization that wasn’t lost they just left. The earth could have swallowed up all that evidence ever see that show after Man. Almost all our structures standing today would be gone in 10 thousand years. Don’t forget the earths crust is constantly being renewed and recycled and there were some asteroids that could have nuked it all. The earth was cooled and a habitable planet a billion years after it was formed.

During another inhabitants or time long forgotten by ancient civilizations and people. Look at the cities now being found all over the earth in the oceans huge cities and structures. Many swallowed up from a long-lost ice age when the seas where 300 feet lower. Expand the coastlines 100 150 miles on all continents most of the people lived on the cost like they do today. Thats were everyone used to live those were our first cities and civilizations we know about. Atlantis has disappeared no one knows were it is and it can’t be found. Maybe a few civilizations that perished like the Mayans from starvation covered all the Americas.

There is so many possibilities makes your mind Blow most of it we can’t even comprehend. There can be many universes and time lines or hidden planets close by. The earth could be just forming in one universe and dying in another. If you believe in Multiple universes or reality.  We now know there are over 30 dimensions possible from mathematics. How else can you explain the double slit experiment. A Single photon being able to exist in multiple places. But the act of just watching the experiment changes how the Photons act. Watch this Video Double Slit Experimentit will blow your mind!

PS: Think about this we are just computer programs running in a grand simulation. We were created by an advanced civilization in a place that was dying and no longer exist. So they created a life, universe, set rules to be governed by for all time. In 200 thousand years we went from caves to pretty close to creating artificial intelligence. If that intelligence thinks its alive, dreams, creates new stuff in its world. Is it life..? At what point do we consider something to be alive?. When you dream it seems real right ? Well that’s sort of like a what an artificial intelligence in a computer would be. What if we were biologically created by machines wishing to be real. They would have to create a world or a universe in wich we could exist in. Go Matrix !

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