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Stephen Hawking’s and other scientist geniuses with IQs of over 198. Say that humans must move off this plant within 100 years. Because of changes to the climate, or overpopulation, lack of food, water, fish stocks are almost gone in some areas. There are entire Indonesian and Caribbean people living on islands that can’t even feed themselves anymore because there are no more fish. Some islands are going underwater and the people have had to buy other areas to live in. We have had Central American whole entire societies disappear because they could no longer support themselves. In the Amazon forest we had people in the Middle East were societies have collapsed because it was overpopulated. They couldn’t produce enough farming or sheep and cattle out of the dry desert. 

I was one of those people who denied climate change was because of people. It was actually part of a natural process earth goes through. But I’ve been doing a lot of studying and research. No doubt that people are making a difference in the planet. We are making changes that usually take thousands or 100s of thousands of years we are making these changes happen in hundreds of years. If you’ve been watching The Gold Series and the Alaskan series on Discovery Channel for last 10 years you can see a huge difference just in the last 10 years. 

The problem with Alaska and parts of Siberia Russia permafrost being thawed is that a lot of that methane is locked up in that ice as a matter of fact in Russia they’re having a huge sinkholes that are a half mile to a mile wide where the Earth’s just giving away because all the ice is melting underneath. Russian scientists have been measuring the methane in the air and its off 50 times from when it was 20 years ago. Never mind that we’re cutting down still trees that were still doing other things with CO2 but methane is 10 X worse than any of the pollution we put out in the last 100 years.

For the better part of millions of years on this planet when upto four different species of humans existed at once. The population has never been more than 1 billion. We are now approaching 7 billion + and by 2100 they say maybe 10 billion. You cannot grow or producing enough meat and grains to feed that many. There are Societies in the past that has vanished because of overpopulation and being unable to use enough resources in the areas they occupied. That’s what they thought has happened to all the Mayan & Amazonian people even some of the Middle Eastern society’s and tribes. We know for a fact there is only a hundred years worth of gas and oil underneath the United States and Alaska to last the current population 100 years. That’s just for the United States current population.
 So if it is happened in the past when there was an abundance of land and property what do you think’s going to happen when there is no land left to farm. When we cut down all the trees and the planet gets hotter it’ll only get worse. We lose hundreds of miles of Coast land all over the world. All these people will have to relocate and there will be a lot of low-lying farms all over the east coast and the southern US  that will not be farmable.  I think only three things can happen when we get to that point and it gets that far out of hand. 1. aliens come down and give us the technology to travel to other planets in years instead of thousands of years and we can repopulate some other place. 

2 we have a nuclear war and kill billions of people and that buys us another hundred years or so. 

3. Some super disease or bug or kills off billions of people. Unfortunately a lot of scientists say that if it wasn’t for the world wars that happened in the past. We would already be at that Tipping Point of having this planet overpopulated. 

My personal preference is that a group of aliens maybe the Watchers come down and give us technology or give us a way of feeding ourselves without half the population dying first. If the Muslims and the caliphate gets formed they will kill all us Christians, Jews, Buhdist etc. and the only people that will be left will be them. They’re willing to kill a few hundred million of us in the US and a hundred million in Europe.  200 million in Africa and Indonesia. If they get nuclear weapons what do you think will happen ? when they run into the Japanese or the Chinese. Japanese and Chinese aren’t going to become Muslims those people would rather die. A nuclear Holocaust will happen sooner or later whether it’s the North Koreans, or the Muslim caliphate ? I think it’s a certainty in the future unless we find a way to deactivate and make nuclear weapons obsolete. Wave a magic wand and make uranium Fusion proof.

That is a horrible thing to think of but it is a actuality and truth that we must talk about.  We must do something about it because it will happen it’s not a matter of when. It’s a matter of how, were and when. I have children and I may have grandchildren in the near future. I shudder to think that this may happen within their lifetime or that the Earth may be uninhabitable. And the most people who are poor are going to suffer the most and first. 

So should we take Stephen Hawking’s and others advice and that we should start already thinking about going to nearby planet to repopulate. Mars is a possibility they can be terraformed and it was a planet much like the Earth. Venus at one time was an Earth-like planet but something horribly went wrong. There are some water type planets within 10-20 Lightyears from here but we don’t have the capability to do that now. But who’s to say in a hundred years we don’t have that capability if we survive. We may have to go down into the Earth and build huge buildings underneath the surface. We could use a lot of abandoned mines and salt mines as farming communities to produce food. In either case you should read the article from Stephen Hawkings and a few others scientists on population growth.

Thank you, Peace and God bless us all !

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