Trump Fires Comey

Hi PEOPLE its been a while since i have added a post. I’ve been busy I’ve had two phones replaced in the last 6 months. I had a computer go down so it hasn’t been easy. I appreciate the follows and I even appreciate the negative comments.

 You know you have to have big balls if you’re president Trump and you are being investigated for ties to Russia during your campaign. With the Democrats and FBI breathing down your neck. But you then fire the head of the FBI anyhow. You know what the news organizations and the Democrats are going to say that he’s trying to protect his ass and the conspiracy theories are going to come out in full force. But even if you fire the head of the FBI and there’s an investigation going on? the FBI agents who work there will still carry on that investigation. They don’t stop just because someone higher up gets fired or replaced.

I watch all of the hearings with Comey when he was being investigated by the by Congress and he sat there and said that Hillary had done all this crazy stuff that was wrong. That allot shouldn’t have been done was mishandled  that there were people under her doing stuff that was wrong. But yet it didn’t warrant anybody being prosecuted and I said to myself how the hell is that possible if I had done half the stuff that she was accused of doing I’d be in jail. 

I knew back then that he was political hack working for the Democrats or in bed with the Democrats along with Lynch and Bill Clinton and that whole group protecting each other’s butts. Now call me said last week that if it wasn’t for the fact that the meeting with Clinton and Lynch on the plane wasn’t in the news. He wouldn’t have come out that night and said anything about Hillary’s emails and Anthony Weiner’s laptop that the missing thousands of emails may be on there. But he was afraid that if he didn’t come out and say something that he would be accused of a cover-up.  He didn’t want that so he decided to cover his butt and making a political statement instead of doing what was right.

I’m just happy to see people finally getting fired and being held accountable for what they’re doing in government. I mean I don’t even understand how all the people in the VA Administration is on paid leave and still have their jobs everybody should have been fired. It is so rare these days to see somebody in the government position especially high up get fired or centered or something certainly they don’t get prosecuted. 

Hillary and Bill’s crooked deals go all way back to Arkansas during the land grab deals. My dad used to say you can always tell a lot about a person by the friends they keep but I got to tell you the people who are around the clintons are the shadiest of  Shady. Deer Foundation collected billions of dollars and so far they have only given something like $0.10 on every dollar given to the Haitians they owe the Haitians allot. 

Something tells me that we’re not going to hear the end of this for years the conspiracy theories will still go on. There will be plenty of cannon fodder for the future. The late-night comedians will have plenty of material for their left-wing racist disgusting attacks on Trump and his family. And I don’t think the clintons are done in politics I think Clinton’s daughter is being groomed for the next Presidential senetor or something hopeful.

Thank you, Peace and God bless us all !

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