Cooper’s treasure


I’ve been watching the series Cooper’s treasure and I find it very fascinating that Gordon Cooper was up there in a spacecraft doing something trying to find uranium and other metals on Earth . Decides that he’s going to write down all the anomalies and shipwrecks that he thinks are out there. I have heard that there is more gold still on the bottom of the ocean than your is left in the entire Earth’s crust. Some estimates go as high as four to six trillion dollars in unclaimed gold laying out there on the floor of the ocean. I think we only have 3 trillion in today’s money in Fort Knox if the gold is still there. Many say that the gold was used to rebuild Europe after World War II. That’s why there hasn’t been a audit done at Fort Knox and over 50 something years. There are still people looking in Florida Louisiana swamps for treasure that was hidden by the pirates of the day. 

Thank you, Peace and God bless !

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