Should I buy an Xbox S


I often tell my friends and family who want it get an Xbox S to wait because Scorpios is coming out soon. I can’t see spending the 250 $350 for the Xbox S which the only difference between the Xbox One and the Xbox S is that the S will play 4K video.  It does not do 4K gaming it just plays 4K video so if you have a 4K TV then you will be able to see 4K video from the Xbox. So I say wait for the Xbox Scorpio which will be one of the best gaming consoles ever produced in the world it will have a 6 or 8 core processor it will have 12 gigabyte of memory and it will have a video card that Rivals most ATI R9 and Nvidia gaming cards cost 300.00 by itself. Here’s the best article I have seen on Xboxes Scorpio and includes specs.
Thank you, Peace and God bless us all !

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