Death and Life Expectancy

Lately the deaths of some wonderful people in the Fox family has made me think about mortality the past and the future. I didn’t like Allen and I was happy when he left the Hannity show. But learning that he had lymphoma and myself having a disease that cant be cured and struggled with my whole life I have empathy for him.
Allen Combs, Brenda Butner all dead in their 50’s i have known to many that have died in their 50’s. My dad died in his 40’s that was a short life back then i thought he was old. Now I’m hitting my mid 50’s and reading all these people dying at my age. You start to take stock and question your mortality. It seems that if you make it past your 50’s there’s a good chance you make 70 plus. But if your sick and have a disease that cant be cured it takes its tool. You take drugs your whole life including some that were pulled from the shelves that screw your immune system, liver, kidney you wonder why some one that didn’t have all that ends up dying so young.
When i was growing up you worked for a company for 20-25 years then retired and you were lucky to make 60 years old. Now their going to make the retirement age 65 or maybe more. So you now work 40 to 45 years then retire and live to 80 plus if your pretty healthy. My daughter and those born in the 90s are looking at 100 plus life span. that’s a long time to live and also to work. If you live to be 90-100 you have to work till your 70 plus. If you told some one like my dad he had to work for 70 years he would say kill me now…lol
Economically this will put a huge strain on the system. As these people get older and require much more health care for much longer periods. The bill will go up real fast ! The social security system was based on people only living 50 years or so. So they collected and hoped you didn’t get to sick or live long. Our kids are going to have to pay this large bill that we are running up. Can you imagine the life expectancy by the 2050’s is going to be 130-150 they believe. By 3000 it might make 170 plus we will be encroaching on the bible lengths of the Methuselah, Noah’s,  and Moses characters.
( They took mice and put them in controlled environments gave them the oxygen and UV level doses of what it was back 4000 years ago. The mice had lived 2-3 times normal life spans. They were healthy and acted younger then the mice not in this controlled environment. So it is possible that people back then lived 200 years plus. Pure water, food, low UV, high oxygen levels. what a place the earth most have been back then. )
Early earth Environment gives life spans double to triple then todays.
Now we don’t have that environment any more but the earth is getting cleaner. Hopefully in the future we will be able to actively terraform the earth adjusting the CO, Ozone, Oxygen levels as we need. Living to be 100 or 150 is great if your healthy and in shape. Scientist find the kill switch that turns the aging process on.
Thank You, Brian

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