Federal judges overturned Trump

Anyone see the crazy woman protester on Fox yelling like a crazy woman coming apart at the seems. Have to watch on Fox because no one else will show or portray the left like that. She is yelling 4 letter words and then I’m a professor. Witch is why our colleges are a mess. But I love how thier having fits and thier heads are exploding. That’s because half the country voted for Trump and they dont understand how it could be.

That is how we felt during the 2016 election! only we didn’t come apart at the seems taking to the streets. Burning cars, smashing windows and hitting people, throwing rocks at police we voted. If i was a parent with a kid about to go to college id be scared about my kid going. Because our higher learning institutions are corrupt with liberal hippies activist stuck back in the 60s ideology of past.

So they had to ban overturned for now, and in doing so, making our country West safe. They did this through the guise of civil rights. Through being proponents of the Constitution that supports immigration. I don’t know where in the constitution It says that other people have the right to come to this country no matter what. They try to make it about bigotry,civil rights and religious views. The whole immigration from these countries worked out, so great in Europe. That, they just can’t wait to get more of them. The president had the right to do this in don’t forget we are at war. We do know for a fact that the radical Islamic groups are trying to get fighters through the refugee program.

And they are indoctrinating or pushing those views on our children. I can’t believe that many of these colleges are you getting grants and federal money. Because of tenure these college professors who are pushing these Radical views on our kids cannot be fired. I believe that the early we laughed and the Liberals came up with tenure just for this very reason. Radical hippies say it’s because they wanted teachers to be able to say whatever they wanted without fear of being fired. I used to be one of those radical Hippies. Then I grew up and I had kids, I own a business, life had taught me everything I thought was not true? The conservative views and ideology of my father and the Founding Fathers of this country were correct.

The problem to change all this back to the way it was. I’m not talking about going back to the pre civil Rights era and bigotry. But to turn around everything that the Radical liberal left has changed in this country? I’m talking about the people like Soros or Ayres, who really want to destroy the country. Its harder now because all the institutions that have been infiltrated for 30 or 40 years now. They have been in places of power in most of our institutions people who view the leftist liberal agenda and ideology.

Many of these people in power believe in the globalist view. They believe that there should be one country, the human country, they believe there should be one money system. They believe that there should be one political system and no religions. All the rich should have to pay for the poor? They have a cradle to grave mentality and that human life is not precious. If they believe that human life with precious they would not support the abortionist agenda. They couldn’t think of selling baby parts wether it’s for research or growing replacement organs.

Thank You, Brian

PS: We need to start teaching about God and country again in our schools.

Thank You, Brian
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