Chicago and violence

How can the mayor of Chicago criticize President Trump when he just had 7 murders in a day. How can a mayor sit back and do nothing but criticize Trump for his immigration and anti gang policies wanting to throw out gang members. How can this liberal left wing asshole look a camera in the face and say send in DOJ, FBI, ATF etc. Because his anti cop attitudes of his liberal party has basically nullified the Chicago police department. Let’s remember this used to be one of the toughest departments in the US ! You have cops now really all over the USA being demonized, called racist, pigs, violent . Even though most cops in Chicago are black and Latino.

We now have the police in the largest and most brutal  cities to live morally bankrupt and not wanting to do there jobs to the fullest and I cannot blame them. These  are humans that have families and want to go home at the end of the day. If you have your mayor, police chief, prosecutors and then the ACLU, CBC, DOJ ready to hang you or ruin your career for the littlest to biggest like shooting a perpetrator. Possibly your name and families members all over the news by the left liberal media. Lets be real because unless you get your news from Fox or websites like Breitbart or Conservative News Daily, Drudge Re.

72 percent documentary! I left the full URL for this so you can easily send to someone.

The so called black leadership sits back and blames everyone else except the real cause. Black on black violence and Latino on Latinos violence in tier communities. Because 75 percent of black men are born into a fatherless home, with mothers on welfare, drinking, drugging their way through life. Even liberal CBS news has to admit the elephant in the room. That sobering statistic is added to this sobering statistic that the black community’s 72 percent unwed mothers rate eclipses that of most other groups: 17 percent of Asians, 29 percent of whites, 53 percent of Hispanics and 66 percent of Native Americans were born to unwed mothers in 2008, the most recent year for which government figures are available.

When I was growing up the black divorce rate was lower then whites and that was right after the civil rights movement. Sometime in the early 70’s that trend started to turn. I attribute that to the drug culture that flourishes with the disco craze with dancing , partying, drinking went out of control. I think after the civil rights movement the left over militant Ayres liberals gave black men a new sense of freedom and entitlement owed to them. In history there’s a pattern when a oppressed people have liberty there not use too having this happens. If you look at Africa when the English ended apartheid the same thing happened and their still suffering trying to turn divorce rate, pregnancy, single moms etc.

Now there’s many generations of kids brought up in this stagnant social economic limbo that the left has perpetrated through victimization policies. It took 40 to 50 years to get to this point. I know its going to take at least half that time to turn around and a cultural change in the black communities. It will take some brave leaders to step up and denounce the victimization and excuses made by the liberal left. You can’t bet that blacks like Sheriff Clark in Milwaukee willing to take the hits in the media. It might take a person in the Martin Luther King legacy to help turn this around. I went to schools in the south Florida Hollywood, Davie, south Miami area in the 70s. I was bused into a 90 percent  black school because the government had a bad idea to mix students up. So I sat in a bus going from FT Lauderdale to a school in Davie 1 hour away. I became friends with many and spent time in their homes. I seen the divorce and dysfunctional families racked with drugs and alcohol. My JR high had a 75 percent non graduating kids many old enough to be in 10 grade still trying to pass 8 grade.

Lets be honest to turn this around and stop the violence will take churches, black leaders, professional social workers to tech single parents how to raise their kids in a nurturing positive environment. It will take mentoring programs and safe spaces for kids after schools. It will take teachers to give a crap again instead of just pushing students through. It will take training for jobs and vocational schools will have to make a huge comeback because there’s many kids out there that can’t make college. We can’t have these kids stuck in minimum wage jobs. Kids will have to be taught that not everyone can be a singer, rapper, drug dealer. Kids in inner cities that dropped out actually aspire to these things. We have to start teaching at early age 2nd grade that gangs and drugs will get you nowhere. Many of these kids are in houses were open drug and alcohol use is in the open and there pushed into the gangs ! Many will seek out the gangs because  they don’t have  a father, brother, etch. Makes them feel wanted like there’s a purpose something for them to do.

When fathers get out of prison there has to be a program for easing people back into society. If been in jail and can tell you all of a sudden your free and have no where to live no money that stress alone makes you want to party right away. That’s why rehab programs have you live in half way houses with strict rules. Young unwed mothers should be forced to take parenting classes and refresher classes at age 1 and 2 if pregnant again unwed should have there tubes tied. A more controversial view of mine is if young men are having kids with multiple young women they should have vasectomy. Society cannot afford to keep having 2-5 kids before their in their mid 20s with no support except for social services. This isn’t just for blacks I think this should be across all races this is a huge strain on the economy. It also perpetuates another generation of wasted individuals that won’t reach their potential. Many of these kids have learning disabilities, emotional problems.

Still under construction getting stats and resource list.

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