Tuff talk with allies !

The whole world has been taking advantage of us because Obama and liberal Democrats wanna be everybody’s friend. So Donald Trump is talking tough to our allies leaders and he’s not taking any s*** he will not bend over backwards to be everybody’s friend. Anyone who is a boss or runs their own business knows that you cannot be friends with your employees or people who are under you. Now Obama made a deal with Australian Prime Minister that we would take these refugees, no question ask. Donald Trump called him up and said look I am not going to take them unless they go through the same vetted process that I passed last week.

There is way too many politicians in Washington. We need more business men and we need people who will talk and say what they mean and follow through with it. President Trump won’t be friends with everyone and he will demand something when it’s in our best interest. Besides friends can have a strong argument and talk tuff to each other. How many times have you had a discussion with your wife or your father, sister? Sometimes you have to be tough with your allies like you have to be tough with your family members. That’s the Democrats problem they wanna be friends with everybody. They want to uphold everybody rights and in doing so, they have alienated everyone and stepped on everyone’s rights. You can’t have it both ways you have to piss somebody off eventually.

The fact that President Donald Trump has completed almost everything he said he would do and his campaign. This is going to tell the world that he is a man of action and his word is bond. This will help him when he goes to deal with foreign leaders because when he says iran don’t shoot of misles or flex your muscles at our Navy. They know that there’s going to be consequences when they do. It won’t be Obama apologizing thank god.

So there all bent out of shape that he’s talking tuff with everyone aww. Poor babies, what are they gonna do jump up and down, cry do they need pacifiers? Do they need their bottles? I watch all the news channels except for Fox and all the people on the left the Democrats heads are exploding there crying. They don’t know what to do they can’t even come to work because they’re scared of what thier base will say? Their base is history, there gone, they were voted out and the other half of the country, said no more.

Thank you, Brian

Thank You, Brian
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