Louis lerners’ email !

So thier is proof that she sent email out to IRS offices to scrutinize all groups out of the plane ? When she said plan does that mean the Obama Whitehouse had in place a way to stop conservative groups from going through voter registration and fraud in the Elections. Then you have Benghazi being covered up or disinformation being played out in media outlets. Maybe he wouldn’t have won the re election if all the dead people, multiple votes, Illegals voting for the president. But will never know the truth and those groups are still being denied and harassed to turn over the databases of names. head of IRS says the list were destroyed. Are we supposed to believe that after all the lies and uncooperative employees.

They may have stolen the election and how can we trust future elections. If non profit voter registration groups are harassed and denied due process we cant clean up fraud why Vote..! That’s even worse then fraud a public that doesn’t participate in a system that’s supposed to reflect the public. These are Nixon tactics and we know what happened to those involved then. That will never happen because you have vast media machine working for the left. You have a public willing to blindly support the Obama machine and the Left.

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