Windows 8 Games

There is some great games for free in Windows 8 there good well done games. Microsoft gives the Software away for those that want to create games. You can sell your games in the store and create a Vendor account. Anyone who has Steam there also some great Game Creation software available for free. Used to be you had to pay thousands for Software like this now in order to promote publishing and Game content it’s all for free. Microsoft’s early grab of the desktop market in PC’s went on then same theory ill offer it for free or next to nothing. Market share is what pushed them to the front even when their were good OS systems out their like IBM, lynix, Unix many still being used today in Business. Considering the Windows phone platform came out few years ago with few games but now sporting million apps plus. This strategy still is a good one and proven to work.
I had the IPhone and I Have had Andriod and until Windows phone 8 came out I would have said Android was the only game available. IPhone was good but I don’t like being forced to use only their apps and ITunes is not so good with PC synching with Windows. Andriod is great but to many Security Concerns for me and I like the symbioses of my PC, Tablet, Phone all looking the same working the same way. If you Have a Xbox the windows phone is a definite plus. Most my games have a windows phone spinoff of the game and playing the PC and phone versions is pretty cool. If I could sit for Hours and had the patients making a game and selling it would be nice. If you can do some simple programing or have done some Visual Basic stuff you can make a game with their Windows Phone development software. Windows XNA game development suite: Windows 8 Store open an account get some development software they have the payment systems all figured out. The Windows Dev Center has everything you need most is free..!

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