Boston Bombing- ( The Act and Actors )

I have allot to write on this and I have some really strong opinions on the bombing, FBI, Immigration, Legal System and where this will all play out in the future. I’m going to write a few post’s because there’s allot to say on this subject. Instead of one really long post ill break them up. And I’m going to piss allot of people off because I’m also going to say harsh, and very un Politically Correct statements and thoughts. there going to border on being prejudicial, controversial, and finally call and label this war what it really is.

The day of the bombing I was watching TV flipping through the channels trying to  find something to watch. Im not big on Marathons or running as a sport since my knees gave out when I was 12 from Arthritis. When it flashed across the screen 3 bombs go off in Boston hundreds injured. Of course the first reports were in-accurate but my Response was accurate. I felt like it was 9-11  all over again I was instantaneously mad, Shocked, Surprised, and I immediately thought about the NY marathon. Because of sandy NY marathon was called off. But I thought right away that this would have been NY if the marathon went on.

I knew right away it was going to come back to a middle eastern Al Qaeda or other sympathetic group. With all the failed attempts in the past it was just a matter of time. Lets remember the failed attempts in the past were failed ! not because they were interrupted or caught. Many attempts were or may have been averted but we will never know the true amount of plans intercepted. And if you think the Nuclear crap that is going on with Iran and North Korea isn’t serious. What would have happened if these were little nukes ? 1LB of Uranium there would be almost nothing left of Boston. You would not be able to even go get bodies or inhabit the ground for hundred years. Some areas of the Test Site in Nevada still give off lethal levels of radiation and is closed to Public.  You think Hurricane Sandy crippled the north east. Something like that would almost bring this country to it’s knees. We would be broke and helpless relying on help from England, France, Australia etc.

As I watched everyone running to get to the injured and ripping down barriers. I thought to myself this is typical Americans doing what they do best when tested. Banding together despite the risk. Helping fellow citizens in need and that’s what we do when we are threatened and tested. I also reflected that the Terrorist on 9-11 wanted to rip us apart cripple us for a long time. Make us scared like they terrorize their fellow Muslims in the middle Easter countries. Instead not understanding our history fully and what happens when US people are attacked or threatened. We come together we are all American’s at that moment, Racial divides melt away, and Class divisions are erased. I don’t think they understood what happened during WW ii and pearl harbor. they only thought of Recent times like Viet Nam. 9-11 did not have the effect that they wanted or wished for..! They look at it as a success because they brought the Towers Down. All that did was cement this country and it’s people into hitting back. Because That’s What We Do..!

My next thought was how the hell this happened ? there was so much Security there. And was their going to be another explosion minutes later. AS all the cops, Ambulances,  Medics arrived.  I mean That stuff goes on all the time in Israel.  They wait for all the rescue crews to arrive and then blow them up. With all the restrictions we have ? With all the checks in place. We supposed to be sharing Information between Agencies now. I just could not understand how they could have not been seen or noticed. I have become over the years concerned about the home grown terrorist being easily persuaded by these mosques’ or Radical Emmons. I always though that was our biggest risk in the future I mean the radical groups already financing through the American Muslims.

I knew they would catch whoever was responsible. Big event lots this there’s of camera’s and witnesses. I switched around the channels to see how this tragedy was being covered in what I call fantasy land Channels 2-4-7-13. Of course the liberal left Obama friendly media was saying might have been gas explosion, 12 dead, they were most likely local terrorist. CNN, Post, ABC all had misinformation and the most unreliable reporting ever. Because the war on terror is over according to the Obama Administration. The Libya event was because of a video when they first reported. Couldn’t have been Al Qaeda we beat them down and decimated their leadership. Here is a nice article on that recent statement from administration and Obama also. This is a big problem when the Administration makes statements like this. then the leadership in FBI, CIA, Local Police get a little relaxed when they have to follow the line behind the President.

My next thought was is this it ? is there going to be some other bombing in another city today. I immediately searched to see what else was going on around the States that might be a target. 9-11 is so stuck in my Psychological thought process expecting something more than just one time hit. That’s day has changed the was we think what we expect in an attack. Thank good it hasn’t turned out to be the norm rather the exception. Another attack like that would be impossible to do again.  But then I think about all the Nuclear Power Plants and Train Chemical yards around this country and I get scared all over again.

I think of the Texarkana Train Yard Explosion almost took out half a town. Driving my DAD to NY every day from NB NJ. I would take the Turnpike and you get into Meadow Lands area all those trains sitting there Tankers for miles. A Hand grenade out the window would set those up. Then you have The Oil Tanks that are all along the Turnpike. they are easy to get too.! All these things came into my head that day sitting there watching the carnage on TV.

  1. I’m thinking what do we have to do to be safe.?
  2. How much do we have to give up to be safe.?
  3. Have they changed this country so much already.!
  4. When can we finally say we are safe.?
  5. When will the War be Over.!

My Conclusion is Never..! The war between the religions is coming like the crusades we are entering into a dark long bloody chapter of Humans on this Planet.

Then my thoughts changed to the injured I was hearing about all the lost limbs and amputations done on scene. I heard that a 8 YR old kid was blown up I latterly wanted to reach through time space and rip who ever is responsible their head off. This is the biggest problem I have with Islam and Radical Ideology and there willingness to right off the innocent as necessary evil in order to bring about their perfect sharia Law Islamic Society free from the Infidels. ( Infidels that’s you , your Mother, Sister, Little Brother, Aunt, Uncle and everyone who isn’t Muslim or Converts Must be put to death according to Radical Islam. )This bring me to my next Post a must Read because I go into their Religion..!

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