New Windows

Well there is a new windows out already.

Not new but an upgrade or fix to say..! 8.1 Blue is going to add some extra things to windows 8. I think this is going to be like when we went from 3.1 to windows 95. Shortly after 95 we went every year with a new version 95-me-98-vista all came out really quick. I think there going to release updates or packs you can add or not to give extra features and fixi’s. Whether these will all be free or not yet remains. I had to by pro and then add the media canter pack in order to use my TV tuner.

If I hadn’t already purchased windows 8 I would have stayed with win 7 for a while yet. Wait another year unless your buying a new computer. I have upgraded a few older computers. I can tell you if your computer is older than 2 yrs don’t upgrade at all. If you don’t have more than 12 GB memory don’t upgrade. Windows RT runs ok on 4GB of memory which most tablets have. but for a desktop or gaming machine don’t do it unless you have 12GB and a 1gb video card. If you don’t have a video card remember the memory is shared like most cheep laptops and tablets.

Wait a Year if you can..!

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