Did we drop ( FBI ) the ball..!

Many say the FBI dropped the ball now and that this could have been prevented. It does seem that the FBI did know about these guys. they were warned about the actors and they did interview the people ?. The Russians warned us about Tamerlan And Tip us off to his activities. This is a quote from Senator Graham

“Senator Lindsey Graham told Bloomberg News yesterday that Tsarnaev was on a federal travel watch list, which failed to pick up that he flew to Russia last year.”

There is a good argument that is coming out that this could have been averted in this case. There was good intelligence about Tamerlan and who he meet with. So you have to ask why wasn’t this guy watched even after the tip. Russia’s domestic intelligence service, conducted a three-month review of Tsarnaev’s activities and warned the FBI. I can tell you that if the NY police terrorism unit got wind of this. This guy could have never gone to the bathroom with out being watched. Our NY police are like their own little CIA group many states model themselves after us. Now that the Questionable lack of FBI follow-up going to lead to some Civil suites Im sure. I’m sure the Administration going to use the Sequestration bill to say see I told you so.

If we have learned anything from the past it is this. You don’t stop following someone after they have been accused of having questionable ties. Especially when the tip comes from the Russians. Just because someone is  US citizen doesn’t mean you give them the benefit of the doubt. Even the family Is surprised of Tsarnaev’s actions and though he was just visiting relatives. This guy was showing the signs of someone who changed dramatically. He was in school and working then all of a sudden he stops and takes a trip to Chechnya. And he miss spells his name and avoids a passport no fly list. I cant believe that the software doesn’t pick up on the miss spelling of a name.

Lets look at the FBI as a group.? The FBI has been always a reactive force that really shines in Investigations. There Strong Suite is not Being proactive These are the guys that go after serial killers, White Collar crimes etc. These are FBI list of past cases if you notice there all after the Fact

FBI Terrorism Cases Past:

– Beltway Snipers: Part 1| Part 2
East African Embassy bombings

– Eric Rudolph: Part 1 | Part 2
Plot/Ahmed Ressam

City bombing

Palmer Raids
Pan Am 103 bombing

USS Cole

Wall Street bombing 1920
Weather Underground bombings
World Trade Center bombing 1993
Fawaz Younis
Courtesy of FBI Website

So as a Investagory group they are the best ! as a proactive group not the best at it. The CIA now on the other hand is. They should be the ones I think in covering possible bombings. There ruthless and don’t give up or quite. They play the game quite well and have in the past. In the 70’s the CIA had all kinds of operations inside many of the Governments in Third World countries. And may have gone to far like basically funding and creating the Taliban and other Militant groups. They placed many Presidents and Dictators through out Central America. Problem with this is that this also created the Anti-American feelings in those countries also. It just may be that there success is also our downfall. But the world was a very different place back then. They were a necessary Entity and force born out of need. Lets not forget that they are just directed and funded by Congress ! so who is the real bully in the room.

This brings us to the other problem which is how far do you go in attaining information and what tactics do you use. What would have happened if the FBI continued to hound the Tsarnaev family ?. They would have cried foul because they are Muslims or Chechnya transplants. The ACLU would get a hold of this and would have been all over the nightly news. Hell CNN would have made it Front Page for weeks but then that’s the type of New Organization they have become. Then how much money do you spend in watching some one. All this takes allot of money and that is something we don’t have anymore. Said fact is that there is a price on life. The government makes that assessment all the time now. Hell with Obama Care we now have a board of doctors that make a decision whether you live or not. But that’s another discussion for another time..!

So I think we have to prioritize who gets watched and who doesn’t. This will lead to mistakes and missed balls. The sad fact is that it will happen again and fingers will be pointed to who is responsible. There is no such thing as safe anymore there really has never been. Terrorist have ben around since Cavemen and it has been a part of Governments since beginning of Civilized society’s. I can see when a tribe of Neanderthals living in a valley next to modern humans. One day said we have to take them out there hunting on our grounds. There stealing from our children food we need for winter. And one night they stepped out and killed the others while they slept in their caves. That’s probably how terrorism was born and has become a part of Society. Unless you stay in your house all the time and never venture out your not safe. Then more people die from home accidents then all gun related crimes combined.

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