Stiletto murder

I’m tired of hearing about how many times the women with the stilettos stabbed this guy. It wasn’t self-defense they say because she stabbed him 24 times. The relationship has been violent he has beat her and choked her many times. Why is it so hard to understand why she did this 20 plus times. Years of frustration and being on the receiving end came out all t once. Once she started all that emotional pent-up energy with no restraint from lots of alcohol came out. And try to kill some one with stilettos not easy im sure..?

I can remember when I was younger this guy in my neighborhood kept picking and talking shit about my girlfriend. So I confronted him and it got physical as I was getting the best of him. His older larger brother shut me down quick knocked me to my feet and grabbed me by the throat. For next 6 months everyone was talking about how he kicked my ass. Still picking on my girlfriend all along. I was ridiculed, made fun off, talked about all through school.

His brother off to the army that summer and I knew payback was coming. One day he in front quick check with his friends in my backyard and neighborhood. All those six months came out, all that teasing, all the humiliation came out at once. I ran straight at him , punch him so hard his feet left the ground, picked him off the floor threw him against the car. Hit him 2 more times in the face then blood came out of his nose. That just made me even crazier I just kept swinging. My 2 friends pulled me off of him yelling enough you won.

If they didn’t Im sure I  would have killed him. I can only imagine a girlfriend who has tried to love this guy, change him, after being beat time and time again. With Cops involved before and probably picking on her for going through this before. The last time he almost choked her to death. So why is it so hard to understand why once she started hitting him she didn’t stop. Many say she should have just left..! but anyone who knows anything about Abuse knows it not always that easy. There is a mental control and all common sense goes out the window in abuse cases. If it was just that easy there would be no abused women in the world..!

It was dark in the room and their both drunk after a night of fights. He was fighting her even after being hit a few times she says. I’m sure she figured she had nothing to lose but her own life if she didn’t do some real damage. If he got up it would have been her dead with her face caved in. We would all be saying why didn’t she leave or why he wasn’t in jail. Why he didn’t have a restraining order against him. I’m sure she asking herself all these questions now. How many women have been beat and then finally have had enough. Then grab a knife and stab their husband 7-10 times. I don’t condone it and she will have to do some time. but I wish the press would stop saying it wasnt self-defense because she stabbed him 20 times thing..!

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