Our brains and visual experience

I just played a game that originally came out in 1995. Now would you believe I remembered every map and were most hidden items were. I’ve always been the type person that drives somewhere once and can remember years later. So I started to think about movies I’ve seen. Now I’ve seen allot and can remember most of the scenes and plots. I cannot remember the words to a song to save my life.

I Wonder how much useless crap we put in our heads being born in technological age. The brain only has so many neural connections. Matter fact the new I 7 just released has just stuffed more transistors then the human brain has receptor’s.. Still the brain does more then any processor could for now. Processors don’t have intuition, can’t read emotions, they cant anticipate. They cant for all that they do or as fast as they are come close yet.

Anyhow im thinking what about our kids ? They have force fed thier brains with more useless crap then any generation then before. I have to wonder whether there only so much storage or connections that can be made. May be that’s why older people veg out just sitting watching tv and not doing much of anything else. Maybe stuff gets over written like a flash drive and we only remember stuff we really like.

Evolution will probably grow our brains like the past. More visual input needs more storage and recall. Go back to our ancestors thier brains were much smaller. Did our brains grow when we started eating meat ?. Did we start eating meat because our brains grew as our lives got more complicated.like the chicken and egg question ?

Todays kids are lacking in what I call common sense and judgment. They have little time to think things through and don’t see when they have made a bad decision. But they can spot patterns and are much better at multi tasking then my generation. Because thier lives are so much more visual then mine was. Thier starting to lose social skills in person to person interactions. That is not the same as texting or Facebook interactions between friends.

There is a whole set of additional skills when you’re looking at someone your reacting to body language, facial reading, tone of the language etc. Aps communicate almost exclusively from body language and facial expressions. That is why we are so good at guessing other people’s emotions and feelings. Kids today except those poor living in the streets and inner cities are losing those skills. But for the ones playing games and watching YouTube, texting, Face booking, watching tv all day thier vegging out..!

Maybe we should all play a little less video games. Watch a little less tv and vet out among the humans more often. Living in this handicap and over 55 retired community I have noticed the healthy bright 80 and over individuals. They are the ones that play cards in the clubhouse. The ones that sit out in groups and talk all day. The ones that go to the library every couple of days. The others all have aids and sit and watch tv all day. They don’t talk to you or say high when you walk by. I read a article that said 30 percent of all people over 60 will have Alzheimer’s by 2025. They blame lifestyle and environment plus food.

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