I don’t get this if I had shot my neighbor after he attacked me. Whether I goateed him or called hime names, followed him, wrote something on his door etc. He attacked me and was beating me or just fighting with me. I feel I would have the right to shoot that person..! I feel you have the right to shoot anyone who is doing you harm. This whole only if my life is in danger is nuts. First people have died from a punch and have died later from a beating. there is no room for physical confrontation at all. Unless I entered a ring and decided to fight for money or free. I have the right to protect myself and my family with deadly force.

I shouldn’t have to retreat or decide whether my life is in danger. Some one is attacking you that’s a life threatening danger. I have been in many fights when I was younger and im lucky to be alive or that I haven’t killed anyone. Cops are held to a higher standard and cant use deadly force unless there is a weapon. For most of us normal people a attack can be deadly especially if your sick or have a disability.  I feel sorry for the family of Treyvon but in the same sense I feel for the Zimmerman’s family. Because now with todays society this mans life is in danger. This guy will be found dead somewhere in the future because some gang banger will get him.

I think Zimmerman should have never gotten out of the car. He should have waited for the police. the family of treyvon should be mad at the police because if they had gotten their he would be alive. Because of the high crime rate the police didn’t respond right away. our second amendment gives us the ability to own and use a gun when we feel endangered for our lives. If this was a white on white crime we wouldn’t hear about this. If this was black on black crime you wouldn’t know about this. If was the Black leaders who decided to make this a race crime. It wasn’t a race crime and race had nothing to do with it the facts say that. Did racial stereotype and attitudes have something to play in this whole situation ( Yes ).

It was Zimmerman’s profiling that lead him to follow Treyvon in the first place. but this was because of the high break ins by Blacks in the area. It was Treyvon view about whites ( Witch Zimmerman isn’t ) that lead him to confront the White cracker in his neighborhood. That’s what lead to the confrontation who is responsible for this ? We all are Society is black , white, red, etc. The media is responsible for taking the story and twisting it and pressuring leaders to do something. No matter what the verdict besides a guilty of murder in the second or first would satisfy anyone. And everyone is saying is this the America we live in a kid cant go to the store without getting shot. I have news for all those yelling that quote out. there are kids being shot all day everyday in every city in this country. 75 % percent of those are Black on Black shootings. Black youths are shooting each other as a normal right of growing up now. They now aim for the legs and arms so people will live and they can get into the gamg.I don’t see anyone yelling about that or leaders working as hard on that as they are on Zimmerman now.

Maybe if those leaders like Sharpton and Jackson did more for the younger disenfranchised youth in the inner city’s. There wouldn’t be this tension and stereo types and the crime that lead to Zimmerman shooting Treyvon. No one wants to talk about that they only want to blame everyone ( Namely Whites ). Why aren’t they doing something about the millions of kids without Fathers and come from Drug infested dysfunctional homes. Why aren’t they doing something about the Drop out rate that is up too 80 percent in Black youths. All these kids are going to have and are having kids. There kids will be no better off then there uneducated, drug problems parents. What are the Jesse Jackson’s of the world doing about that. 

Why arent these kids picking themselves up and trying to do something better with their lives. Ill tell you why because the leaders , the schools, the cops, there parents don’t care. So most the kids probably say WTF why should I try. Why should I not sell drugs or use them. My life sucks and no one cares and it’s all their fault ( The White Crackers of the World ) so shit ill turn 18 and get a Obama Phone, Get food stamps, collect welfare. Deal a few drugs on the side and sell a few stolen items ill make out. At least I isn’t working in MC Donald’s for minimum wage.

That is the real problem and that is why Treyvon got shot and more will if we don’t change. While I was writing this 2 more Black, Latinos, Whites, were shot. There is 270 plus people shot every day. While Treyvon was shot that week 10 kids in Chicago were shot and no one is saying anything about that. Jackson and Sharpton aren’t doing or saying anything about that. Because they wont Make any money or get any fame out of it. Otherwise unless you cant help them they wont bother. They make their money on the misery of others take all their money and open centers in the citys for the kids. Treyvon had some center to go too to hang out and watch TV, Play Games, play Basketball, Read a book etc. He wouldn’t have been walking in the area.

There would be less crime in the area the kids would have something to do. Their wouldn’t be a need for the Zimmerman’s to do neighborhood watches. People wouldn’t feel the need to carry a gun because they may be robbed or beaten. Untill we do something about the underlying problems there will be more Treyvon and more Zimmerman’s. Why not start a special class in the school for those behind. Why not start a community center for the kids in Treyvon name. Have the kids do a neighborhood watch include them then pople would know who belongs and who doesn’t. Guardian Angles in NY started that way with Curtis Sliwa..!

In the end Treyvon is Dead and Zimmerman’s life is over. He will never be able to get a job, he will have to look over his shoulder for ever. He has to live with the fact he shot a kid who will never have kids, get married etc. But all this marching and blaming is doing nothing to help the underlying problem. It will only set back the Race Relations in this country and divide the people even more.

I have news for thso

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