Zimmerman Tape Made To Look Racial

The Reverend Al Sharpton leading the first pro...

The Reverend Al Sharpton leading the first protest march over the death of Yusef Hawkins in Bensonhurst, 1989. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is crazy they keep talking about the Stand Your Ground Law. The court case wasn’t prosecuted on that. It was a self defense case that’s how it was charged and argued. But they keep saying we have to get rid of the law. Even if you get rid of that law we still have the self defense law that states the same thing. The doctored Tape made it sound like Zimmerman was racist. Zimmerman going to sue them and get millions and NBC should pay back the police and all the court and lawyers fees. If not for that doctored tape this would have never started.  they keep talking about our kids have to feel safe if going to the store. they say our kids shouldn’t worry about their safety.  This is crazy kids now worry about going to school before this shooting. Kids get shot every day and they don’t feel safe walking the streets in LA. They get shot for wearing the wrong colors on the wrong streets in Chicago.

I cant believe the President came out and said what he said. He should have said everyone should be calm and the Zimmerman was found not guilty and we have to respect the decision whether we like it or not. He was tried by his peers and the evidence was presented  verdict was  delivered. We should have a discussion about the youth and the  violence they have to deal with every day. We have to have a discussion about Guns and who and when they should be used. This is a very dangerous president that’s being made now with the federal government going after Zimmerman. To think in this country that if your set free legally. That the government can charge you for something you didn’t do because of pressure from political groups.

In the 911 call He said I think he is black? after the 911 operator asked him whether he was or not. Zimmerman got out of the car to make sure Treyvon didn’t go into a apartment so he could tell the cops were he went. I had a person walking around my complex one night late. I called the cops and followed that person till the cops got their. While i was on the phone they kept asking me were he was. If Treyvon was white he would have made the same call and gotten out of the car. If Treyvon was white and attacked Zimmerman he would have shot. this case isn’t about race if it was then there should be so many of these in the past. You have Gangs killing each other over race , color, what school they go too what clothes their wearing.  Were the hell is Jackson and Sharpton when this shit goes on in south central LA. Or the 10 kids that were killed in Chicago the week that Treyvon was killed.


Blacks in this country have a better chance of getting hit by lightning then being shot by a white person. But a black kid in LA , Chicago, NY, Atlanta, Seattle has a better chance of getting shot by another Black  kid then passing High School. Why aren’t they talking about the drop out rate in these city’s. The Drop Out rate is 80 percent in some districts. Why aren’t we talking about the fatherless kids in the inner city’s. why aren’t we talking about the Un-Employment rate among Young Blacks.

Take Care and God bless..!

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