NSA Scandal

Cracks me up now everyone is paying attention now that there phone calls are being recorded, photos from everyone devices stored, every site and purchase ever made being stored at super secret data mining place. I wrote and warned this was going on years ago. phone call recording of every cell phone started after the 92 bombing WW II.

Thank you, Brian Harris

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Thank You, Brian Harris
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I'm Disabled from Ankylosing Spondylitis my Back and Neck are Fused. I'm a Father, Brother, Divorcee, Friend, Lover, Philosopher, Spiritualist, at times a Comedian. I have Travelled too and lived in other countries. I have seen real poverty and death in South America. I used to work in construction and later as an Auto Mechanic. I grew up in a Middle Class America very different then today. Americans used to be Patriotic and proud of their heritage and beginning’s. It was your duty to serve your country and a privilege. I'm Proud to be An American and o make no Excuses for it..!
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