What the @$&# is going on ?


The economy throughout the world is going to crash. Our government with Japan, china, he EU, there all printing money. There’s no real growth its a Money bubble that will pop like Japans Economy. Really smart and rich are buying Gold and Silver that may be the only thing worth anything.

The African peninsula is going all Radical Islamic and they will ethnic cleanse the Christians and anyone else. The last Caliphate was bad and bloody it’s happened a couple of times in history.  They’ll move to cleanse the middle east and unite all the countries. The caliphate will be formed like it was in the early 30’s they will unite all Muslims.
Islam: world distribution of Islam


Our government is collecting information on Republican and conservative groups squash them. the huge Data Center is finished and will be running soon. It will check all emails, webpages, any internet traffic and personal records.

Utah Data Center

Then the stage is set for a world-wide religious economic war. It will be a war on religion and money and resources. Because our economy and manufacturing no longer in this country. We can’t protect others around the world like we did in WW ii. We better worry about our selves this time. This is also why they WANT TAKE OUR GUNS the Left is scared as long as we have guns. They can’t control us completely there many that will fight if they change the Constitution and strip our rights away. I have talked to Vets who would fight against the government if they change or re-right the constitution. Don’t think it is about assault rifles. It’s about getting the public un armed so they could control everyone if need be. Then it will be easy to have the new world order the left wants. A central government and central world money system.

Islam does it again.
Islam does it again. (Photo credit: Pixelsior)

They think the Islāmic countries will be the left Friends. Obama and the left think they would leave us alone if we didn’t bother them. We aren’t Islāmic and their job is to convert or kill those that don’t .  When the economy’s around the world collapses and the world has a global currency. A new world order have atheist the other half Islāmic. A global currency and global government. Then a few will control the world there government’s and currency. With the IMF and Bilderberg group, George Soros and Nancy Pelosi’s of the world be in the driver seats. Our schools have already been taken over their preaching this crap already.

IMF Headquarters, Washington, DC.

IMF Headquarters, Washington, DC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got Emails about the spelling and that I was thought to be nuts. So I edited the post on a computer instead of my phone. I added some links and information on the topics in the article. I suggest you read the links on the Bilderberg group and the Caliphate this is happening now. This Bilderberg group and others like it are dangerous. 100 percent of the world is controlled by 1 percent of the Rich and these groups. They control the banks, the Governments, the Contracts that get sold across countries. this is why we got here because no one wants to believe it possible or the government would do this. Your government left 2 people for dead in Benghazi, they passed Health Care law without even discussing it, They had the FBI investigate Conservative Organizations.

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