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Holy crap I have never been more excited about a game console or technology then what was released tonight. I was thinking I going to have to update my computer it’s not playing games well anymore. I have the first generation I7 that only has 750 thousand transistors. The new I7 has 1.5 billion transistors so it has double the computing power. I thought the games for Xbox getting a little old. So they designed the new xbox with a 8 core custom processor with 8 Billion ( YES 8 BILIION ) transistors in a processor. Intel cant do that ! it was ATI using their Graphics processor chip. They stacked them and custom built a APU to go along. They added 8GB of ddr3 memory. I was thinking I got to add 32GB to my computer to catch up. Then add new motherbaord and CPU if I want to go on computer gaming.

 What the sense the games for XBOX are now going to look and play as good if not better..!

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Image via CrunchBase

This box has Blue Ray, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3 operating systems so you can connect keyboards, mice, phones etc. Skype is built-in so you can use it as a phone for the house. It has a voice and facial recognition software so it automatically signs you in to your profile. Turn on just by saying Xbox turn on..LOL This replaces your cable box. Has HDMI pass thru to your TV. So you can watch a show buy saying watch fox news. The you can take a video call with snap a PIP! check the cable guide while watching the news. You could surf the internet and check your Email while watching the news. It has every movie and TV service built in and there new gaming services.

The back bone Microsoft built for this is Epic in scope. To have a 300 thousand Servers in one place. that’s more processing power then all the computers in the world combined they say. Should put that to trying to figure out how the universe works. Now I think they just killed the Computer gaming world. Because between that and the new PS4 I cant see a reason to buy a PC game. PC gaming used to be the only way to get any really good looking games and play. But the constant updating the PC as newer games come out became expensive and a pain.

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