Oklahoma Tornando

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First let me say my heart goes out to the many hurt, killed, lost houses. You have my prayers and well wishes. Our government will tell us that we cant have a 60 Oz coke because it bad for our health. The government will tell us we cant smoke because it’s bad for our health. It cost the health industry billions to treat people and it’s dangerous to others. We have the government telling our kids they cant eat or have junk food in the schools. We have the government tell us we cant build in certain areas because of 1-2 owls nesting. The government wont let us build in water shed areas because it pollutes the ground water. All these regulations and intrusions into our lives because of our health and safety.

I have to ask why are these people living in these areas. Many of these areas are massive new housing complexes and low income housing apartments. That whole area was wall to wall Farms. but as the large Farming conglomerates forced the little guys out. the land was sold to developers and houses went up. Lightning does and often strikes in the same area’s because of the earths polarity and flat lands in these areas. Tornados do happen in the same areas and often take same tracks. This except formula and track happened during the late 90’s. It happened during the early 80’s and huge out break in the 60’s also in the same areas. Almost the same tracks with in a few miles to 6 miles in track and same strength’s.

I’m sure if you go back thousands of years could talk to native Indians they would tell you about the storms. They used to migrate to the northern lands when spring and summer came. During the push out West in the 1800’s and the farmers that settled know all about these storms. What I don’t get is why the government has allowed permits to build in these areas these large housing complexes. The large malls and business all along the highway’s that has been ripped up over and over. Government. So I guess I have to ask how much death and construction is there going to be. Before we realize that this is costing more then just money. The government should buy these people out in these areas that are hit over and over. Put it back to Farm land or commercial only properties or in these areas build under ground.

There no really good answer and it wont be easy to do. bur this cant go on and were coming into a weather cycle were this will be the norm. And the storm and flooding is going to get worse. Have to do something because its becoming to costly in life and limb also in money. Son there wont be money to replace these broken houses and buildings. Insurance companies aren’t going to cover people in these areas soon. Most will probably leave then when they cant get their monetary amount back. Either way you cant get the life lost back or put a dollar amount on it.

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Thank You, Brian
My Prayers are with you people in Oklahoma.!

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