Social justice Warriors

Seattle’s going to impose a tax on 600 businesses in the area because of the homeless people for a company like Amazon it works out to $540 per employee. Amazon said it’s going to stop building its new headquarters and sublease it and move their headquarters out of state.

The liberal social justice Warriors that created this problem making Seattle the homeless capital of the United States. Seattle liberal social Green Earth, One World Government jerks don’t get it the average working person or the entrepreneur and businessman don’t give a shit about social programs if it effects profits.

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Corrupt Judicial System

I hope after all this is done that these people in the Judicial system like the DOJ and Mueller & Comey are sued in civil lawsuits. To Payback the money that people have had to use in defending themsew and in many cases cases go bankrupt in protecting themselves.

Check out @PoliticalShort’s Tweet:

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Thank God for appointments

This has been the left’s agenda since Trump won ! they cannot believe he won, they don’t believe he did it legally, and they going to do anything to undo it. They want to prove he cheated because they cannot believe that the country actually voted for hhim

Check out @SiddonsDan’s Tweet:

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