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Now to be fair I’ll paste one review that was good ! and the review ratio is like five bad to one good. It seems most people unless you have new cable in your house and new TVs you going to have problems. The boxes need HDMI 2.0 a they’re supposed to be backwards compatible but seem to have a problem with this. So unless you bought your TV within the last 2 years you may have a problem. Also the boxes have to be by a cable outlet which means the box has the router built in and if you using ethernet cables have to run into the altice box. The mini box is hooked up via Wi-Fi and has an Ethernet plug on the back to hook up to your TV but since it gets the original Source from Wi-Fi unless that signal is strong you going to have a problem.

I am also trying to get the specs on the box because I believe that the video signal on the box is 30 Hertz 30 frames per second not 60 frames per second 60 hertz. My Xbox and my TCL (” 2nd best 55 inch tv 2017″) runs 60 frames 60 hertz on all HDMI ports and streaming services. So if I used to use the altice box and it is a 30 Hertz 30 frames per second it would be a downgrade in pictures smoothness especially during action scenes.

Now you can get their triple play internet phone and cable for $100 but by the time you add the Box rental taxes and usage fees it goes to about $130.00. You can get cable internet from them for $48 a month and you can get a streaming service from Hulu for $38 or YouTube TV for $40 or sling starting $25.99 so you talking 80 $90 with no additional fees or taxes.

Let’s face it even if you get the triple play you’re still going to want to have Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu on top of which is $12 or $18 a month depending on the plans you pick on top of the $130.00 it cost you for triple play with two boxes from Optimum. So are you better off with just internet service and a internet enabled TV and devices like Roku or Chrome ? Then picking the services you want that is certainly a cheaper way to go especially when your introductory price ends from Optimum.

Personally I was a triple play member and since I cancelled I do not miss it. I have the 300 megabyte for service for internet from them. With my gaming router I get Wi-Fi buildings over from my house. I have ethernet wires run throughout my apartment and all my TVs are hooked up to it. I use Hulu’s TV service, I have Netflix and then the other free services you can get. I don’t miss it 👍and I can get just about anything I want to watch 😛and it all cost me less than $100 a month.

Altice review:
Box is amazing. Have had it for several months and the …

ByAmazon Customeron May 6, 2018

Box is amazing. Have had it for several months and the best part of it is the WiFi in the home. There are no more dead spots. Have not had any issues that people are stating on here. Picture clarity is so much better and using the 4K with my Netflix account is awesome. I highly recommend.

Altice review:
I was really trying to like this service. I do like one thing about the Altice One system, “picture in a picture” and other than that I can’t find a real reason to keep it. I’ve had it for about 2 weeks and as of tonight 4/19/18 I’m done. I scheduled them to come out and get this thing out of my home. The Altice One box will reboot for no reason while we’re trying to watch a program. The Altice One app lacks flexibility compared to the Optimum app. With the Optimum app I could touch the screen on my iPad and get a few options for changing the channel where as the Altice One app you get one option and then you have to scroll through the list of programs to get to what you’re looking for. Try doing that while you’re on a treadmill running, or even walking at a decent pace. Tonight I wanted to watch the news while taking a shower and before I could get my clothes off, the Altice One app froze on my iPad and it kept freezing which is what prompted me to delay the shower and call Optimum and schedule gete

Altice review:
altice app is good, but were having trouble we had 2 service guys, and now we had to go get another remote, the remotes are made cheap, not like the silver
then you have your husband plating w the main box, thats mine, all the tv are running say 4 tvs
i thing its better to wait these new ideas for them to get out the kinks, wait a year

Altice review:
its horrible, i had it installed 2 months ago and …

ByJoaquin Mendozaon May 4, 2018

Stay away from the Altice One box, its horrible, i had it installed 2 months ago and since the install date i have had tv, internet and phone issues. Tech support makes you do all the work, by unplugging cables, pushing buttons to reset and then pray you do not need a technician to go to your house, because you have to wait weeks for them to show up. Then when they do show up, they reset your box just like you have and check the frequency and all is good, but that does not last long because they system does not stay up for long. Then you call again and they say oh we can send another tech. Well i have had 3 techs show up and i have one more coming next week. I give up, i am going back to the old box. I am really considering leaving Optimum, the service was fine with the old box, this new box sucks and even speaking to managers do not help, they are clueless. I hope that not everyone is going through this, i feel like we are being used as guinea pigs.

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2018-Jan-4 7:44 pm

Re: New combo box over at Cablevision
It would be even longer if they didn’t have box to output 4K. For now, you will have to restrict your 4K viewing on the box to content from the various apps it includes.

Anoncf77c to giguchan
2018-Jan-15 7:43 pm
It is absolutely horrible. This was the Altice Box and Altice minis. Sounds like a great idea as it has the modem, router and cable box all in the cable box, however, the installation was a complete nightmare. The remotes constantly need to be paired to each specific box, the WiFi didn’t work, getting to the guide and DVR was a hassle and the remotes had a horrible layout. Bottom line, it lasted 2 days and I had my Samsung (what they call their “legacact”

I grabbed some reviews online if anyone here has had an experience where has a review please add your comments thank you.

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Impeachment only thing on left’s brain

The only thing the left cares about and they don’t care how many lives they destroy or how many people they bring down. How many people they accuse or tactics they use in obtaining that goal. Impeachment of Trump at any cost because they feel that somehow he stole the election. They conjured up the whole Russian Fiasco when in fact it was them that were using and coordinating with the Russians to prevent Donald Trump from winning the election at any cost.

They then use the Department of Justice and the FBI and they had placed a agent into Donald Trump’s election campaign to dig up dirt. Despite a warrant illegally obtained with information that was bogus they then started an investigation that’s taken over a year and spent a hundred million dollars. After all this they still have no collusion, they have no charges, they don’t even have anything they can impeach Trump on.

Despite breaking into an office and a house with a SWAT team scaring a wife and some kids like a common drug dealer. They have nothing on Trump’s lawyer or Trump’s friend and all they have done is shown how corrupt they are. And how far they’re willing to go to keep control of there power over the elections system.

Let’s say even if they could find something they can’t indict Donald Trump because he’s a sitting president. Even if they could impeach Donald which I don’t believe they ever will! because they need 2/3 of the Senate and House to do so. But like Bill Clinton when he was impeached all they did was solidify his supporters and make his approval numbers go up.

So they were willing to do all of this to do one thing I believe ! that is to teach someone who thinking about running for president who is like Donald Trump a private citizen or Outsider not to. Anybody who thinks about going along with that person better not because they’re going to be investigated just like Donald Trump supporters and friends have been. That is the real reason for all of this because the left has entrenched control of all sides of government including the Department of Justice & the FBI. The fact that Donald won despite all the control they had really pissed them all off. They were by allowing this Insider to come in and win. There going to lose control and he will undo everything they struggled to do for the last 25 years.

They were so close to controlling the racial card, the poor card, the educational system, the justice system, the election system. They were one election away from turning this country into a socialist government. They almost fulfilled the George Soros dream and the Hillary Rodham Clinton dream of a socialist government with a bunch of slaves held by the entitlement system they created. A globalist economy and government with no one getting rich except for everybody on the left with all their side deals and charities.

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Social justice Warriors

Seattle’s going to impose a tax on 600 businesses in the area because of the homeless people for a company like Amazon it works out to $540 per employee. Amazon said it’s going to stop building its new headquarters and sublease it and move their headquarters out of state.

The liberal social justice Warriors that created this problem making Seattle the homeless capital of the United States. Seattle liberal social Green Earth, One World Government jerks don’t get it the average working person or the entrepreneur and businessman don’t give a shit about social programs if it effects profits.

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