Antifa such peaceful protesters

So let me get this straight Antifa  is hired by the Democrats and the left bused to Charlottesville to get violent and rip down statues of Confederate generals – And that is Trump’s fault ?

Antifa has beaten a woman in boston for waiving a American – And that’s Trumps fault ?

Then a bunch of white supremacist people show up to protest the ripping down of the statues-  And that’s Trump’s fault ?.

Then one guy goes crazy and runs a bunch of people over- And that’s Trump’s fault ?

So like if you’re black and walking by a statue that you have never paid attention till until now ! makes you feel bad because you’ve been conditioned to be a victim from the left-  That’s Trump’s fault

So I guess now anything that happens or that you feel or when somebody gets hurt. Or when there’s a cop shot or a woman gets raped by a  illegal or stabbed by a illegal that’s been thrown out 20 times – that’s Trump’s fault

And when Antifa shows up in body armor face mask and clubs because their such peacful protesters – that’s Trumps fault ?

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What do the Democrats and the left stand for

Haven’t the Democrats figured out that all this hatred, all this anti-American, all this white supremacy, all this unamerican rhetoric, all this pro atheist, pro abortion, pro Muslim, pro socialist agendas Is what the central and right Americans don’t want. I mean the only thing they say is hate Trump, hate American pride, hate the anti illegal people, hate the republicans, hate people that like classic marriages, hate anything other than Obama care, hate Confederate statues, hate cops, hate immigration cops, hate the flag, hate the Constitution, hate hate hate that’s all they have is hatred and contempt for anything and everything they can nail to the wall. Nothing ever good came from a movement that is based on hatred.

What does that say about a governmental institution that does nothing but spread this hatred vile and contempt for anything thing that’s American and what we stood for or what the Constitution stands for. All I can say is keep it up keep spreading and hatred keep spreading that anti-American crap and what’s going to happen is you will lose every election from now until eternity. 

Thank you, Brian 

God Bless America and everything American

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The left trying to rewrite history

I do not believe with all this ripping statues down removing names and plaques. If you want re write the information on the plaques and statues clarifying this is part of a not so great time in our country. But the Civil War was not fought over just slavery the Civil War was fought mostly for a way of life and power plus who would control the money from the south and taxes. Many of these people that they are removing and tearing down are responsible for building this country this country it was founded and built on cotton and tobacco. Just like everything we were taught in school about our history is not true. White Christopher Columbus founded America he didn’t find it matter fact the Vikings and landed here 500 years before him. And there is daunting evidence that the Templars had made it to the New England area a thousand years before Christopher Columbus.

Like we were taught in school that the Civil War was fought over slavery when it really was not slavery was just a small part of it. As a matter of fact almost all of her congressman and Senators had slaves including Washington Jefferson Hamilton. It was only Lincoln that has a strong faith to not have slavery in this country. And like gangis Khan and Napoleon and Caesar and other famous generals that fought Wars they were not perfect men they did not have perfect beliefs but they were celebrated Warriors. The left has made it so that our history books are now being Rewritten and sanitized so that people will forget what are real history is. If you change your history and you do not remember it the way it was ! you will be doomed to repeat it. Many of these men although you may not believe in their beliefs and slavery makes you sick these men are substantially responsible for creating this country even though they raise their arms against the other half. Many of these men after the covalent war went on to fight in Indian and Mexican wars also served in the government.

The left and the civil groups want to point this country into a whole new Direction while making you feel bad about being American and what America stands for and its history. The political left and social justice Warriors are going to remove and rewrite the history so that your kids and grandkids will not know what really happened.  And you know what’s next after this is a excuse for the government to pay reparations to blacks. And this just keeps the victimization politics going and pushing the blame onto a history that is horrible but no longer responsible for their inequality in salaries, schooling, housing, crime etc. And let’s not forget that most of the Civil in justices against the American blacks and the KKK came from the Democratic Party in the south.  but because the books have been wiped clean and changed you can no longer read that in our history. And you certainly won’t hear that from the left liberal media and the Democrats certainly don’t want to talk about it.

Thank you, Brian

 And God bless America

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