Thousands of water asteroids hitting our Earth

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NASA has been following these thousand maybe even hundreds and thousands of water mini asteroids coming into our atmosphere. These water asteroids are growing our ozone layer which we know that we all need. We do not know where these are coming from ? We cannot do anything except speculate they’re being sent here intelligently. Could it be the Earth is alive and healing itself. Maybe somehow with the help of the universe the Earth is acquiring what it needs.

Some think that the universe is alive that planets are born, age, and travel through all that space. We just might be a side effect to that larger life. We know that are very existence of watching observing can change the way particles behave in this universe. Want to blow your mind look up the double slit experiment.

Thank you, God bless the United States and its people

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UFOs and Aliens

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Cooper, Mitchell , Story Musgrave, Carpenter many of our astronauts have come out and said that they have been followed or they have chased UFOs. That UFOs have landed here and that we recovered bodies and spacecraft that we have reverse engineered craft. Why is the government still denying these facts ? China is building a hundred and fifty billion dollar UFO Center why would they spend that kind of money for nothing ?

Russian officials and people in the government have seen UFOs and said they have chased them that they are here. We know that every culture on this Earth has written about and documented 7000 years before the Bible that UFOs and people have visited. How is it that the ancient Sumerians had star charts and accurately predicted heavenly bodies that we didn’t even find until the 17 and 1800s ?

When will the government come clean and admit !

Thank you, God Bless America and it’s people

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The memo was Declassified and published.

Hi, People

Now we know why the Democrats did not want this document to see the light of day. This document proves and shows that there is a deep state government inside the government buying control for everything. That they are willing to break every in any law that they have to in order to make sure they win. They had gotten control of all the poor and uneducated in this country by getting them hooked on social programs and relying on government for their existence. And here they had control of the Department of Justice the FBI and parts of Congress. If they had won the presidency with Hilary this country would have been lost forever.

This unclassified memo will now show the depth and breadth of the control that they have inside our government. Now this fight isn’t one yet ! Just because we got the memo out we now have to make sure that people pay for this and actually be charged for the criminal acts against us the people and the government. Let’s call it what it is Treasonous ! I believe it is treason by certain members in the department of justice the FBI including Congress and some ex-senators. They used false information to subvert a presidential candidate. Then the event that he won they had in place a way to have him impeached and overthrowing him.

The definition of treason:

the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the


Thank you, God bless America and all in it

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