Prime minister Merkel

Wow that is really unbelievable what Merkel said about Trump and the. Building of our wall. Meanwhile the UK has 25,000 Islamic terrorists in their country because of their open borders. They’ve had three attacks in the last month. When are they going to wake up and realize that they’re open borders in this day and age is a dangerous. For her to be criticizing Donald Trump for wanting to build a wall to keep people out of our country we don’t want. When she going to wake up and realize that she has an Islamic problem in her country. Everybody better start realizing this is a war against Islam because there is no thing as moderate Islam. When Christians are being beheaded and burned in the countries where Christianity was born then yes this is a religious War.

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Stop smoking before it’s too late

I started smoking when I was 12 years old both my parents smoke and I would sneak cigarettes from them go out into the garage. That the beginning of a 40-year campaign of smoking a pack a day. When I think of all the money that I have spent the last five years on cigarettes. Before then cigarettes were cheap I can remember going to the drug store to buy my mother cigarettes for $0.20 a pack. As of late I was probably spending close to $300 a month.

I tried every single step that you can think of to quit cigarettes none of them worked. I tried the gum, I tried the patches, I tried the drugs, and I all I got was nightmares. I started off with the disposables when they first came out in Walgreens. They were very unsatisfying and I went through them like water. I was online gaming playing Call of Duty and the person I was playing with was a heavy smoker and he had just recently tried e-cigarettes. I told them my story and what I had tried and what I had gone through trying them. He basically told me a similar story but had fallen across this e-cigarette from a company called Halo. I bought the Halo Triton which lose their middle of the road E-cigarette and when I got it it was much more satisfying than the disposables I had gotten in Walgreens. Though not perfect not satisfying as a cigarette it was an alternative that I could live with especially when I started to do the math on the money I was saving.

Months later I was on a stream watching someone play the new years of war and he was smoking an e-cig that was not like something I had seen before it was a big box. There was tons of smoke coming out of his mouth and I said that’s what I need. Now eCigs were relatively a new thing at this point companies were coming out with new models, higher powers, different coils. Halo came out with the Triton 2 which was a sub ohm e-cig that was still in the shape of a pen and I gave that a try that was much better it seems sub ohm vaping was the way to go. I had been on cigarettes now for months and I noticed that I could breathe much better that I felt better I had more energy I didn’t get winded. There was a time about three weeks where I woke up in the morning coughing up all this phlegm and disgusting crap. I can only assume it was 40 Years of smoke being rejected by my lungs breathing air for the first time.

Now 6 months cigarette free lots of money in my pocket I was buying more movies games and yes trying out different vaping products. I finally migrated into what we call the advanced or professional vaping set. The sub ohm big box 100 + wattage e mods and multiple coils. By now I had gotten many of my friends into this and they have stopped smoking. Then of course I started to read articles of how the government is trying to regulate and tax the stuff. Now of course they are not getting thier money from the cigarette manufacturers anymore. Leave it to the government to find something that the people are hooked on and then learn how to regulate it and tax it.

Now I never said that I would be one of those people that quit smoking and preaches to everyone to stop. But I have become that person and I do preach to everyone I know to stop smoking and try eCigs or vaping as us Advanced people call it. Let’s talk about the big elephant in the room still is that there is no definitive proof that this is absolutely free of any health concerns. There is no proof that it is unhealthy for you to do it is vapor with no carcinogens. This is like being in a hot shower with the steam all about. You breathing it in and out only this steam has flavor and weight to it. Now it is certainly less unhealthy than smoking cigarettes. I think for parents it’s a godsend because many kids who start smoking continued to smoke throughout their whole life. Many kids are vaping because it’s cooler than smoking and it’s a lot more fun. I would rather my kids be vaping then smoking cigarettes.

My only concern is where are they getting the E-juice from. E-juice should be made from food grade glycerin oils and the flavoring should be from quality extracts. There’s too many Ma and PA shops opening up mixing their own e-juice for cheap. Who knows what they’re putting in there or what they’re using for extracts and flavoring. The next big concern is the drug trade is starting to get into this and that could wreck this whole thing. There is all ready cannabis in oils and there looking for ways to get other drugs like meth, cocaine, and other extracts into oils. If this happens then the oils will become a heavily regulated and watched commodity.

For many this may be the only way to save their lives. This may be the one thing that keeps them from that one more cigarette that gives them cancer and takes their life. Let’s face it smoking is a big burden on people and the healthcare system, especially the poor because the poor smoke the most. As a parent I am glad that eCigs and vaping came along. Because my daughter smoked and it may be the only thing that saves her from a life of smoking and a torturous long cancerous death. The stats on children who smoke who had parents that smoked is scary.

So do yourself a favor and your kids a favor and quit or at least go to an e-cig or start vaping. The life you save may not only be yours but might be one of your childrens. Below is a video of me and my E-Mod that I just bought. I’m also including some links to some of my favorite sites that I have either bought stuff from or used for information. Misthub is one of my favorites because of their many tutorials that are really good on explanations on howto vaping, juice, mods and coils.

Thank you, Brian

Misthub- The place for all seeking information or tutorials.

Halocigs- Quality devices One Stop shopping and foolproof.

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Political correctness

It’s time to get rid of political correctness the only thing that political correctness does is it allows people to hide their true feelings. It also allows groups and organizations to weasel their way into laws and schools or institutions with all kinds of crazy rules, laws, or a leg up on an opposing group. It breeds safe places where kids and adults lose their backbones and become emos. It really is racism and bigotry in reverse where you’re afraid to express yourself. Common decency and Common Sense has given away to the fear of being offended. 

  • Political correctness is like being gay and not coming out.  
  • political correctness is like being a alcoholic only afraid to go to AA. 
  • Political correctness is liking fat women only not being able to say fat. 
  • Political correctness is like being a dwarf only to be called a little person what’s worse being called a dwarf or a little person.  
  • political correctness is like being Christian only not being able to say the word god.
  • Political correctness is being Jewish and not being able to say Jerusalem.
  • Political correctness is being African-American only not being able to say black.
  • Political correctness is being from the south only not being able to have a rebel flag on your truck.
  • Political correctness is going to school and instead of thanking God you can’t say the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Political correctness is acknowledging there’s global warming only I can’t run my house on coal.
  • Political correctness is wanting to heat my house only I can’t cut the tree down because of a bird’s nest.
  • Political correctness is a family of 7 only instead of driving a big Explorer with a V8 engine I have to shove us into a Prius hybrid.
  • Political correctness is losing my job to a man orally even though I’m more qualified but they need the diversity.
  • Political correctness is not being able to fly the American flag because it may offend my neighbors.
  • Political correctness is sending my kid on a two-hour bus ride to a minority school because there are no whites there.

Some of these are good examples and some are bad but you get the idea where political correctness leads us. So I say let’s get rid of political correctness let’s all gross Pine’s and go back to Common Sense and grow a little tougher skin.

Thank you, Brian

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