Attacks in Europe

We have to cut this political correctness that the Democrats in the left once out otherwise we’re going to end up like Europe. Europe allowed all the Muslims from all the countries that were war-torn into their society. Most are there illegally most are not assimilating into the society most have radical views. We should do what Israel does if you’re a Palestinian or a Muslim from any of the country like Syria, iraq, Iran etc. Your phone is hacked and listen too, there are Israeli Secret Service in the mosque in Israel posing as Muslims and Palestinian. All the mosque are bugged prayer services and clerics or listen too. And judges in Israel are more than willing to issue warrants to search their homes. 

Here in the States you can’t do that because the ACLU or some other group will cry bloody murder and it’s against the Constitution. But what these left-wing liberal nuts don’t understand these people don’t deserve to be under the protection of the Constitution. And if you’re a Muslim here illegally you should be shipped out whether you’re good bad or none combatant. Because eventually some cleric or some religious recruter will get to them and turn them into radical terrorist. Where you going to have to start turning our parking lots in churches and synagogues mall’s and schools into fortresses with automatic bars to stop vehicles from ramming into people. 

We are going to have to get Off Duty Officers to participate in rallies games and any public events where a gun and an officer will be needed in case there’s attack. Israel has off-duty police officers and military personnel riding thier buses there trains, airports, public malls etc. They are always ready to interfere in an attack and limited public carnage. Let’s face it we as Americans have been pretty lucky so far and I think it’s only a matter of time before this stuff starts to happen here. We have to make our borders secure a we have to get a double all up it has to be high it has to be monitored. I’m even for putting automatic guns in between the fences that’ll shoot anything that moves. If you think Isis isint trying to get coyotes in Mexico to bring their Muslim terrorist operatives over you’re just delusional.

It’s time for our Congressman senators and public officials and police CIA FBI to start taking this really seriously and get willing to step on people’s toes and rights. To make it harder for groups like the ACLU black lives matter and other left-wing liberal groups who are willing to step up and protect Muslims and people who practice Islam. To make it hard for these groups and the political identity politics that goes into making these terrorist attacks a viable event. If you listen to people like Michelle Malkin zuhdi jasser Wally phared and others who have studied this and lived in the Middle East.  Have been through terrorist attacks and been in the intelligence Community. They all say It is time to harden down and get serious and aggressive with intelligence and searching phones, computers, game systems, mousqe, and other religious institutions and so called charities. We have to be willing to follow the money and confiscate property, money,  revoke tax statuses for Charities that promote terrorism.

For all of those people that say Islam is a religion of peace they obviously have not read the Quran. This religion has not gone through a Reformation it is still practice the way it was thousands of years ago and 90% of the people who are Islamic believe in the ideology that they are the one true religion and everyone else is an Infidel and either should be converted or killed. You cannot argue with people or convince people that is here to this ideology to the point where they behead people burn them enslave them. There are 30 or 40 year old Muslim men taking 9 and 10 year old wives all you have to do is go on YouTube and search and you will see these poor little girls screaming as their fathers hand them over. North Africa right now all the women there are being stolen and enslaved. Shipped off to Middle Eastern countries to either be sex slaves, wives, or to give birth to the next generation of ghadist. What is concerning is that the left the ACLU for women’s right groups and black lives matter don’t really give a s*** about these people because you don’t hear anything about it from them. 

 The left and the government better wake up  because there will be a reckoning that will change this country.

Thank you Brian

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July 4th what does it mean


​Less then 100 years ago most people were illiterate. Early 1900s most people didn’t finish grade school. But they were sent off to war at 16 years old. Our country was started buy a bunch of businessmen who had no formal education. What day did have was an innate ability two create and grow businesses. They did understand what oppression and life was like in other country’ss. Many government’s who comprised of an elite bunch of people with privilege and breeding. While the majority of people in those countries suffered and working for the previous people mentioned.

This country was an experiment in the making ! where people from other countries who are used to being taxed and worked to death for the elite suddenly could have a country where the average man could build and make his way in life free despite with his breeding and privilege. Almost every government back then was either communist socialist where did carrying there were no countries with a free government where the people were number one. Our Constitution and freedoms built into our government are the envy and practice around the world with other countries that have been freed.

Our founding fathers who came from England, France, Germany, Belgium, the Baltic and Middle Eastern country’s all understood that the price of freedom is worth dying for. Many Americans today come from a generation that has never had to die or sacrifice, band together in order to protect those freedoms. This has created a few generations of kids that just don’t understand the price of freedom is spent by Blood. They take everything for granted and think that they are owed everything. What they don’t understand is that even in this country in the early 1900s there were women and children dying in the streets because there were no social programs. But even that fate was preferable to the incarceration torture and killing that went on in other countries at the time.

Women have been and always be the unsung heroes throughout time. Women have always had to pick up the pieces of family and husbands after Wars. Many have treated the sick and cared for unintended dregs of society. And here in the United States they are more appreciated than anywhere else in the world in many countries women around the world or treated worse than the cattle or the dogs in the family. If it wasn’t for Abigail Adams this country may not have even started it was her support of her husband that made the Adams House hold instrument in starting this country. Women are favored by God the fallen angels and others. They mature faster and they live longer. In many cases they are smarter than men and stronger in certain circumstances. Many women are overlooked for their support and relevance in creating this country.

We have to go back to teaching in schools the importance of this country the people who founded it and the mothers and daughters who helped us along that way. We have to stop creating generations of kids who know nothing about their history or where they’re going. We have to teach them that the sacrifices their father’s, grandfathers, great-grandfather’s Made for This country. They are the reason why they can expect to or feel they should have all the things that they do. Teach your kids what this world would be like without the United States and the people who died and fought before its creation and freedom.

Thank You, Brian

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NASA finds 50 earth like planets

I think we can finally answer the question is there your life besides Earth. That answer came when NASA found only three thousand light-years away 50 Earth-like planets. Planets with water, Rock, volcanoes, atmosphere’s with ozone layers all orbiting Suns like our own.

This was found by only looking at a 1-inch Square portion of the Milky Way. They then took the amount of planets they found percentage-wise and what they found was if you expand that to the entire Milky Way. That there are hundreds of millions of Earth-like planets in the Milky Way. That’s going to mean that life is very common that you will probably find it in every corner of the universe.

I particularly feel that the crash in Roswell was a spaceship and they did find alien life-forms aboard. I think our government’s been hiding this fact for many years. Russia and other countries now are declassifying their findings and their crashes. What we’re finding is that the government has been hiding this for a very long time. We still on Earth for fighting over religious ideology. Maybe they feel that we can’t take the truth but the truth is if life is out there and they know about it then the religious implications to that could be mind-boggling.

Thank you, Brian

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