The doj hearing

I could not believe the shit that I was watching on TV with the hearing those guys sat there and basically Stone walling, sidestepped and did a jig instead of coming forth with truthful answers. Telling us why they haven’t produced the documents unredacted. It is obvious that they are going to keep digging and putting the screws to the people in the lower levels to get them to say something that will incriminate Trump. Once they have done that they will then start with impeachment proceedings. My only hope is that Trump appoints a Supreme Court Justice before the elections. That the Democrats don’t find some way to postpone and Stonewall Trump’s nomination for Supreme Court Justice. If anyone was in doubt that there is a shadow government a deep state of corrupted individuals that are watching the power base today got thier answer.

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The Future Of Gaming

There’s a war going on between Xbox PS4 and PC ! Microsoft this year at E3 is trying to push their Unified platform. They want everybody to be able to game with little to no performance problems whether you’re on your PC , Xbox, or mobile phone. Even if you game on a PS4 they’re allowing cross platform gaming. Sony does not allow cross-platform gaming. With Microsoft that means if you own a Fortnight game on PC or Sony you can play with people on the Xbox. But if you have a PS4 with Fortnight you can only play with other PS4 players. Microsoft is moving to a user-friendly let everyone game no matter what device you’re on agenda.

Microsoft has been losing the PS4 battle where Sony has sold many more consoles than Microsoft. I believe its because the executives at Microsoft only saw Xbox as a small Division. Because of this view they funded it that way. But when Mikey Ybarra and Phil Spencer came out with the Xbox One X console šŸ‘ it Sold Way Beyond their expectations could ever have predicted. Who would have thought that Gamers actually like powerful consoles Microsoft Executives took notice and went to Phil Spencer because For the First Time Xbox gaming division made more money than Windows. They said how much money do you need and what do you want to do. With the gaming industry projected to reach 500 billion dollars worldwide this year alone. Microsoft had already built the biggest gaming server Farm ever created on Earth. Over a hundred thousand processors on 10000 servers. And they’re running their new Azure cloud service on it.

Microsoft went and bought 5 of the best gaming Studios in my opinion.Ā  They said you have an unlimited budget do what you always wanted to do. We will help you with all of our support services and and give you access to our Technology groups. Now Microsoft has the Azure cloud service runing windows live, Xbox live, One drive etc. This is poised to be the best gaming service much better than Sony’s. But Sony has the best single player games. Microsoft Xbox fans have had a mediocre year as far as single player narrative story driven games go. That’s is why Microsoft went and bought these Studios out from underneath Sony. I believe Sony success with the PS4 has been there single player narrativeĀ  gamesĀ  this year. And big-budget hundred-million-dollar + single player game tittles sell consoles. I know this personally because I went and bought a Sony PS4 just to play God of War. Games have gotten so big and complex that it now takes multiple Studios and three years to develop a game. Microsoft is Poised in the unique position though because they have Microsoft Windows. That is the operating system on the Xbox console and PCs Tablets and the surface. I own a Surface Pro ! and the I5 Surface Pro can play a game almost as good as my $2,000 gaming PC. Game developers love Windows because it’s is easy to develop games for it ! Much easier than Sony’s proprietary operating system. And Microsoft put a lot of time and effort into tweaking direct x 12.

Microsoft also has the power of that huge server Farm running Azure that can handle all the parts of a game that tend to slow a console down. By having that huge server Farm do most of the processes that take up expensive CPU time and memory. The games perform much better on the Xbox One X then they do on the PS4. The PS4 cannot even get 30 frames per second in 4k native resolution on most titles. That is a huge deal because that is what splits PC Gamers from console gamers. The ability of a $2,000 PC to run 60 frames per second in 4k native resolution flawlessly. With the huge server farm and parts of games being processed on the web by servers. You’ll free up the console or even a cheap PC to run a game at 4K 60 frames per second.

The windows unified platform allowing Microsoft Gamers to run their game on a console or PC, and Android phone or even a Windows tablet. With little to no perceivable difference between the platforms with play anywhere titles is the Holy Grail that Microsoft is close to achieving. Microsoft had seen this Hardware internet capability possible back in 2012. When they started laying the groundwork for what they now have a huge cloud system. With the excellent invention of Microsoft virtual servers you can take a 8 core processor and have eight virtual servers. The hardware and PC processors have only been this strong since the invention of the I3 I5 i7 I9 processors by that beautiful Israeli Technology Group that invented them. Microsoft OneDrive and office 365 and Azure on the internet is what made them see it’s possible. They cut thier teeth on these products and learned what was possible and what could be done.

Here is a video done by Colt Eastwood. Colt is a gamer and a YouTuber and he’s really good at putting videos together and he touches on some of these subjects. Check his channel out I love almost all his videos well done and great Productions.


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Nicotine salts

Nicotine salts are being used by pod companies to increase the nicotine level. It is kind of what the cigarette companies did in the 1950s by increasing nicotine levels to get people hooked. E-cigarettes pod systems are now using nicotine salts because they can add as much as 50 mg of nicotine into a pod system. That’s the equivalent of smoking three Chesterfield’s or Lucky Strikes non-filtered at once. My problem with this is that they are targeting the teenage and young adult group with these pod systems.

Nicotine is a drug very much like caffeine in low dosage is there is no adverse effects. But when you get into high dosages the effects are not really known. In caffeine we know that high dosages can cause irregular heart beats or even a heart attack in some people. I am an e-cigarette user and it has stopped me from smoking cigarettes. Maybe even saved my life so I am for e-cigarettes. But I am not for them using such high dosages of nicotine especially when being targeted to young adults and kids.

Many parents are unaware that their kids are even using these devices. Many places sell them it’s not hard to get if you’re under 18 ! It wasn’t hard for kids to get cigarettes and certainly not going to be hard for them to get e-cigarettes. I would like to see a campaign of advertisements or commercials that point out these possible health effects at high doses of nicotine. The e-cigarette companies are now taking the model that the cigarette companies use to get 3/4 of the American people hooked on cigarettes.

E-cigarettes in the beginning were a way for people who smoked to get away from this nasty habit and the health effects since E-cigarettes are much safer than cigarettes. But now we are back sliding and getting back into the territory where this potentially life saving device is now threatening the lives of younger people.

Thank you, and God bless us all !

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