Global warming or solar system warming ?

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The Sun is going through a period of a emense strengthening and warming. This happens in Cycles and has affected the weather and the Cycles on Earth before. There is also a ice disappearing and melting on the moons orbiting the gas giants in our solar system. NASA and astrophysicists believe that the solar system itself is going to go through a warming period. This is a effect of the sun starting to go through a period of strengthening that is warming heavenly bodies. This can be a potential problem for us because Sun flares do effector electronics and that is going to increase also.

HD Solar Flare : Large EMP will hit Earth

In the 1800’s their was a Solar Flare so strong that if it was to happen today it would set us back to the Stone Age for years. What is funny is we have known this for such a long time and have not strengthen or secured our electronic devices against these effects. Some scientists say that this could also affect the Earth’s polarity changing. That a strong flare could even cause powerful earthquakes. High iron content in molten lava beneath the earth’s crust can be affected by strong solar flares.

Solar storm of 1859 Wikipedia

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