AG sessions testifies

I was watching the house Judiciary Committee holding hearings on the Russian collusion. One of the representatives a Democrat Cohn who instead of asking a question about Hillary Clinton and the Russians ? decided to ask two questions one was about weather marijuana is illegal in the federal system but legal in the state. What was his view does the federal law  supersede the state. The other question was are voter ID laws legal and constitutional ? AG sessions said yes voter ID laws if Done Right is constitutional and lawful.  

Then Representative D-Cohn went to go into a tirade about how we have enslaved blacks in this country then passed Jim Crow laws to prevent them from voting. Now we’re trying to do the same thing again by passing of voter ID laws. Voter ID laws are just too hard for African-Americans and other minorities to have to go through in order to vote.

” So my question is” are we discriminating against African-Americans by giving them driver’s license ? it’s just too hard to fill out that application and go down to the DMV pay $25 registration. Then I have to go and make a appointment to take the test and borrow a car. So we should take their driver’s license away because the process is way too hard and discriminating.

Are we discriminating against African-Americans by making them get health care cards ? Requiring them to have health care cards is discriminating against them ! because we know how hard it is to get those cards all those health questions and exams. So we should just take the healthcare cards away.

Are we discriminating against African-Americans by requiring them to fill out an application to get a food stamp card ? because we know how hard that is. got to take a bus to go down in the county office fill out that long application I got to bring proof of address and my bills with me I got to find someone to sit for my kids. That is way to hard and may deter them from doing so. We should just take away the food stamp cards and the program because it creates too much hardship for them.

let’s face it I can go on and on but you all get the point the fact it of voter ID makes it too hard for minorities and African-Americans to vote is bullshit the real reason why the Democrats don’t want it is because it requires you to be an American citizen. That you can’t be here illegally and vote. without all those illegal notes the Democrats may lose some seats in tight races.

Thank you and God bless the United States of America.

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