Leaks to the Press

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I cannot believe the press conference that I watched with the National Security advisor. They asked him the question in nine different ways. Every time he answered it in a way that did not support their narrative,  They tried to come up with a way to get him to say something that supports the Post article. What’s is funny or more not is not one press person asked the obvious. How the hell did the conversation get leaked to the press in the first place and who is doing it. 

The real security leek ! The real security problem is every time the president has a meeting with a foreign official the conversation gets leaked. Someone in the press or the Trump organization someone is leaking and backstabbing the president. I believe that there is a group or a couple of people that are holdovers from the Hillary Obama camp.  They are actively  doing  damage to this President and our country. These people who are leaking these stories to the Press should be found and prosecuted and spend time in jail.

The sources are always anonymous and this is making it very hard for the president to do anything. Its also making that our country looks stupid. The left press is always assuming that they know why and where or what for the president agenda is. Meanwhile they’re never in the meetings they don’t hear the conversations and they don’t know the context of the meetings. Yet there ready to comment and criticize the president and the staff of the White House. Throw everyone under the bus and do whatever you have to in order to get dirt on Trump. Never before has any president ever had this problem where everything that he said in private meetings is being leaked to the Press.

 Thank you, Brian

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