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I just watched the interview between Judge Jeanine Pirro and Donald Trump about canceling the press conferences. First I think he should cancel them because anyone who has stopped to watch these conferences at 12 in the afternoon, can tell it’s a media bias that’s almost 100% against Trump. Anything that he does or says half the country wants Trump. Then half the country doesn’t want Trump. But 100% of the media on TV is anti-trump and that’s not representative of the people of the United States. So if they’re not going to represent the people biasly then I think they should be cancelled.

Just like I believe in our institutions of learning where the professors are so left and liberal and pushing this crap on their students that these professors and their classes should be cancelled. If you have watched Waters World or Judge Jeanine who goes to the streets and talks to students you would see how skewed of a view is being taught because of the liberal professors and teachers in our institutions. This is breeding a generation of people who expect to be waited on hand and foot. To be taken care of and have safe spaces ! to be protected at work, protected at home, protected at school. They see it at their college they come home and then see it on the main media channels. And they are effectively brainwashed by the media the schools and liberal professors.
Thank you, Brian

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I'm Disabled from Ankylosing Spondylitis my Back and Neck are Fused. I'm a Father, Brother, Divorcee, Friend, Lover, Philosopher, Spiritualist, at times a Comedian. I have Travelled too and lived in other countries. I have seen real poverty and death in South America. I used to work in construction and later as an Auto Mechanic. I grew up in a Middle Class America very different then today. Americans used to be Patriotic and proud of their heritage and beginning’s. It was your duty to serve your country and a privilege. I'm Proud to be An American and o make no Excuses for it..!
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