Xbox-Microsoft Windows 10-Unified interface

Windows 10 and the Xbox One interface has given birth to the unified interface. This is where all your devices will have the same look and feel they will all talk to each other, they will be able to share Files, documents, photos between all your devices. I believe that the Xbox One had given birth to this unified interface or idea. I love my Windows Phone, it’s like having my computer in my hand.

I just don’t get why more people don’t have a Windows Phone. I guess it’s because I phone had dominated the market and then Android came out with a Similar version. The market had already been saturated by these OS and phones. The windows mobile phone had a huge Hill to climb in order to grab a portion of this. I believe that the average person If they could use a Windows Phone for a few days that they would opt for that phone.

My Samsung Windows 10 mobile phone has the look and feel, and operates exactly like my tablet or my PC. Since everything is integrated it’s easy for me to look at all my files, documents, photos, music etc. on any of my devices. With my Xbox One I can also look at any of my files photos or document on my tablet or my PC. My Xbox One Makes a excellent media device. There’s plenty of apps available for it and like a Roku or like the Amazon and fire USB stick. It works, the same only it is also a great gaming machine.

I had built a huge gaming machine, custom made spent thousands on it, and I barely even use it anymore because the Xbox One is just so nice to do gaming on. You Can get all this for the price of a really cheap laptop? Which is what you get with a Xbox One it is basically a computer. I like the fact that it brings gaming, my TV, my cable and my computer stuff all to my HDTV.

Windows 10 is finally a stable easy to use perfect OS. Where I had to reboot my computer almost on a daily basis? When I had Windows 98 or Windows 7. I now don’t have to reboot. My computer unless there is an update I can go weeks months without having to restart it. The number in hardware requirements for Windows 10 is unbelievably small, you can now run a full version of Windows 10 on any phone or tablet.

Thank You, Brian
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