The left is still complaining

I cannot believe this s*** that I had watched during the Golden Globes last night. Meryl Streep is a total freaking a**. You think any of those bastards last night said something about the disabled kid who is beat almost to death because he voted for Trump. Buy a bunch of blacks might I add but theirs no problem in the black community it’s the whites that have made them that way its 100 years of slavery. That why in light of recent events thier saying thier should be reparations paid now.

She did nothing but complain about how racist Donald Trump was, but I didn’t See her talking about about the disabled kid That was tortured. She didn’t make a play for the cops were getting shot like it’s open season on them.

 To the left if you don’t believe the cops are inherently racist, pigs, then you’re racist. To the left if you don’t think that people should be able to come and go in this country as they see fit then you’re a racist. The left thinks that every time you turn on your air conditioner or fill your car driving around the corner to see your dying grandmother makes you a energy terrorist. Meanwhile, they all drive SUVs and charter airplanes to go too and from film festivals. And these pricks own 2 and 3 houses over 10 thousand square feet each. Even when there not there I bet the air conditioning and heated pools are running while thier illegal maids, groundskeepers, and nanys are babysitting thier spoiled kids. who’s kids all go to private schools? Meanwhile, they feel that our kids should have Common Core rammed down or kids throats.

The left doesn’t care about our military or a soldiers. They don’t give a s*** as far as their concerned the wars should have never started in the 1st place. Did you see anyone get into trouble or get fired or suspended because of the people who died waiting for treated in the VA. Obama and the Democrats could have done something if they really wanted to. All they really wanted to do sweep it under the rug and they didn’t wanna lump it into the Obama care disaster. And because you’re so afraid to use the military. They pulled out early and screwed up every step of the way. They pulled out when they should’ve stayed, they left to few soldiers when they should’ve left much more. Instead of following through with Russia and their threat to not cross the line Putin took that and ran right over the baltics and into Syria.

The left is still complaining about the media. They think the media is unfair to them. Because they put out all this fake news that helped trump get elected or if they complain that the media is not hard enough on trump! I cannot believe the audacity of the left when they can say that the media has not been fair to them.

They white wash and never covered Hillary’s email scandal. And they’re blaming trump and Russia because they think Russia helped hacking the DNC winning the election for Trump. When you got a idiot like Podesta using password as his password.

Let me tell you everybody is hacking everyone. We hack Russia, we hack china, we hack Israel, we hack everyone we can. And they all Hack everyone that they can too including the US, We are a big target for china because they love to steal our in intellectual property.. It’s just the way it goes.

But because the DNC and Podesta or Clinton break or circumvent the laws or rules. Hilary Clinton and others were stupid enough to have poor security on thier servers. What idiot would want thier own servers if they really don’t need one. Apparently you would if you wanted complete control over who sees or can have access to your emails.

what really Burns Me Up is the hypocrisy and double standards. These people live by? They are so quick to point the finger and call out any one who does not walk to their drum beat. Or believe in thier ideology, they are really like a cult ! They are like Scientology that Lea Rimini is exposing now in a special.

They will actively misinform the public. They will go after or punish anyone who speaks out against them. Just like Scientology goes after those who speak out against the church and trys to destroy them publicly. The left goes after and does the same exact thing and even uses the same tactics.

I believe that their whole anti cop rhetoric is all about getting up race tensions between whites and blacks. By doing this they make their ideology and agenda more viable. It keeps them in the spotlight in the current news in on the front page. It then comes back to them in money and lobbying and favours quid pro in the government.

 This is how these people support themselves. This is the only thing they know how to do they have never, had a real job? They graduated college is activist and immediately started foundations and social justice groups and non profits. They are believers in the socialist global and economic? Engine and ideology that they would like to see you run the world. As long as we all have to adhere to their ideology and beliefs, but they don’t have to live by these rules and ideas.

This is an ongoing article so check back for edits and additions.

Thank You, Brian

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