The Hours It Takes To Play A Game Today.

The average game today it takes about 40-60 hours of game play to finish the main missions. Now I’m not sure who counts those hours because I find if a game says about 40 hours of game play it takes me double. I can’t just play the main missions and not do the side missions when I come across them. Also I have to explore every crevice of the map and get all the collectables. This takes time and adds those hours up and if you have a huge game like Fallout 4 or Witcher iii it can take 300-400 hours to finish all of the game and get all the achievements. Good thing about that is for the 59.00-89.00 dollars spent on a game its well worth the money. The days of the simple games are over like donkey kong or pac man..LOL Games now take more money to produce than major blockbuster movies and also out sell those blockbusters by a hundred million. It takes a thousand people and often many studios and art, editing, directing, voice acting etc. Big budget game like Grand Theft Auto iv cost 100 million to make.

Halo 5 Guardians to date has sold 4.10 mil copies ! Now at 59.00 – 89.00 for the deluxe version you do the math that’s huge money. Grand theft Auto 5 sold 45 million copies at better than 59.99. The global game industry now is set to exceed 82billion to 140 bill or more no one really has a concrete answer. Compared to box office sales for 2016 pictures came in around 35 Billion in dollars. Did you know there is a professional league for gaming and pro players can travel the world and make millions. They get endorsement’s from companies just like pro football players. So next time your kids playing too much at the Xbox if he is good he can make enough to retire at 30 ! Average age of pro gamers are about 24 most retire at 27 their just burnt out. Dave Walsh was one of the first bib time players earning 250 grand a season. Getting 1400 a day for advertising adds royalties etc. I remember watching the first MLG halo championship in 2004 I think.

I entered the Forza Championship this month and battled my way to 600 spot but you had to be 128 or better to enter finals. Now I was using a controller and all the top people were using a 150-499.00 Thrustmaster pro wheel or gaming chair  you have real money a game chair for 6.000.00 custom holds 3 monitors has Bose speakers. It wouldn’t have mattered you know why pro gamers retire at 27-32 its because that’s when your reaction times go. Now you might think that your only maybe .400 – .800 seconds slower than you used to be but in a first person shooter that’s the difference between life and death. Me being 54 I’m no match for the quickness of the younger guns. Its much less of a problem in a driving game then FPS game.

Major League Gaming – October 22nd Gears of war 4 invitational . 25.000.00 first prize open to the public just have to be 18 or over.

You have a Xbox account look me up bharris291 take a look at some my videos and game captures.

My Motto : Play hard and die slow

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