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Why the hell does the left or democrats have a problem with getting rid of illegals that have committed crimes in this country. Our economy is a wreck we are 20 trillion in debt and every person in the US IS PERSONALY RESPONSIBLE FOR 203.890 dollars now think about that to pay this off everyone will have to over their life pay that 203.890 off. Even scarier is the per family slice of that debt 809.972 . T he government says unemployment only 4.5% real unemployment is 10% when you factor I those not even looking to work. Look at the debt clock below the un official unemployed is 7 million but the actual un employed is 15 million. US Debt Clock

Debt Clock

Lets get back to the illegals that are here and have been for 10 plus years having kids, collecting the social programs, using school resources, getting educations off you and your kids. When they commit crimes the cost local and federal government resources in the courts, public lawyers, incarceration. In NY it cost 65 grand a year to incarcerate and that’s not including there health care cost. Now their kids are costing our schools more money then our native kids. These kids get materials and books in their language their in special programs etc. Why should these people get to be citizens because Hilary and the progressives can’t put them on a bus.

If there are people here illegally but have been working, paying taxes, and not in trouble for any violent crimes or drug charges. They can be given the chance to apply and work while applying but have to get in the back of all those that have come here legally. The baby boomers are going to end up taking care of their kids, grandkids because their parents wont be able to in this economy. I’m worried about my kid not some illegal or their kids. They came here to work and send money back to Mexico or central America get free services or have kids. There are places in Mexico that actually take women here to have kids just so they can be citizens. I believe the anchor baby law is bullshit should be rescinded.

Their killing our schools and bankrupting them by having separate lesson plans and materials. Special ed classes test printed in Spanish. Because their parents don’t own or houses or pay taxes in most cases it is you that pays. You pay for your kid and the kid next to him or her. Take a look at CA schools they spend more than anyone and they have a 39 percent drop out rate. Don’t go by the CA schools numbers because what they di d was cut the numbers and lower standards. The last real numbers were in 2009 and CA been broke every year and had to be bailed out by you because of liberal policy’s. Because their drop rate was so high they weren’t getting federal dollars. So they did what every local government Does they lie and change the way they count students. But this is typical of all inner city’s with large minority groups !

Statewide, 68.3% of students graduated and 20.1% dropped out, according to data released by the state Department of Education. For the Los Angeles Unified School District, the dropout rate was 34.9%. Although the state dropout rate was down 1 percentage point from the previous year, the Los Angeles Unified rate was up by more than 3 percentage points.
LA Drop Out Rate

My family is from Europe to get away from Hitler and to have freedom of religion. But their ideology and mindset was alongside of the founding fathers vision so assimilating and becoming American was what they wanted. My ancestors came to this country from Scotland in 1700s in wooden boats to build railroads along side the Chinese. My grandfathers fought in the war independence, civil, wwii and Vietnam wars. I tried to get into the Army on the buddy system when the registration for the draft was instituted. Because of a disease they wouldn’t take me and my buddy went in.

I believe that military service should be mandatory like it is in Israel and trust me that will cut down on illegals coming. Would force everyone to have a draft card or military ID. Those without obviously would be questioned since the left thinks they shouldn’t even have voter ID cards. You know why because they would have millions less voting for the democrats if that was to happen. It would breed a sense of patriotism in our people. We can’t keep taking people in take a look at the debt clock that clock not going away for 50-100 years if we ever balance a budget. We keep printing money like the rest of the world it will all fall apart we should have never gone of the gold standard. You know that our gold held in FT Knox is only about 130 billion in todays prices. After World War ii our debt was 300 billion we didn’t have enough gold in their Back then to back up the dollar.

How much gold is in Fort Knox? Each bar weighs 400 troy ounces according to the U. S. Department of Treasury. One troy ounce equals about 1.1 avoirdupois ounces. The entire stockpile now weighs 147.3 million troy ounces, which is worth about $130 billion at today’s prices.

So we cannot take in any more and we should get rid of those that are sucking us dry. The democrats and Hilary want to let a lot of refuges in to this country many don’t give a shit about us or the Country. They just want a place to go and get a ride until their country’s calm down or they get the moderate sharia law government they want. In France, Spain, England they have Muslim community’s that have sharia law courts and the government doesn’t interfere with them. So now we should let those that want to drain and kill us and Isis will sneak people in right besides the Illegals. So when you go to the polls in November think hard about whether we can afford another 4-8 years of Obama like policy’s. Then look your kids in the face and apologize for leaving them with a personal debt of 300 grand a piece they’ll never be able to pay back.

Written by: Brian

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