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I have had IPhone before all of them up to 5 ! I can tell you my first Windows was pretty good that was 7.0 then they came out with 7.5 a huge step up. I like the fact that when connected to my computer it was much easier to synch and see what was on my phone with Windows then ITunes. I never liked ITunes as a player or a music synch program. And for adding files to your phone it was useless.

Windows mobile 8.1 is excellent! It’s faster then iPhones OS and easier to use. Android has always been a better OS then Apples but I don’t trust google. There too quick to sell and monitor my activities without me approving or knowledge. Cortana works better and is more accurate then apples app. Which was down write frustrating on the iPhone 4G.

Speech recognition on windows is flawless and easy to use. I can thank Xbox for that. They really got it worked out on the console. In the beginning the lack of apps was frustrating but now if their is a app on iPhone or Android it’s available on Windows. Microsoft made making and selling apps for it easy and gave away the program apps.

Now that Windows mobile is mature and manufacturers embraced it the phones are great. My Nokia illumina is one the best and fastest phones around. Battery life much better then Apple but not as good as Android. With one drive and a terabyte of online storage there is plentiful storage. With micro SD storage capacity you’re never going to run out of space.

I love the fact I can plug this phone into any of my computers and transfer files and photos. With apple you could only plug the phone into the computer the phone was setup with. I like that I can throw the screen up on my computer or TV. I like the fact I can use explorer to look at or transfer a file to phone or computer. I like that my Xbox and games show on my phone. So I will never go back to Apple again. There phone is over priced the same hardware or spec’s in a Windows phone is free or less then a hundred bucks.

Warranty from Microsoft is better and you live next to a store easy to get help. The apps and accessories are half the price then Apple. In the beginning of smartphones Apple was worth the money and offered what no one else had. That is no longer the case and all they do is make small improvements and charge a ton of money.

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