They Want Israel To Stop.! So does Israel but not until Tunnels are gone.

It’s horrible that kids and Women are getting hurt in this War no one want’s this. They are doing everything to lesson the Casualties they can by phoning, announcing on the Radio, Dropping Leaflets etc. I don’t know anyone who has gone through such lengths before. We didn’t do that in Iraq and killed many thousands of innocents in that War. War is messy ! even when you try to do it with Restraint and Care. Hamas is the ones putting the weapons and ammo supply’s in public places to hid it from the Israeli’s. I don’t understand why the PLO and moderate minority and people let them get away with it. Their is a large underground complex that has to be destroyed and Israeli cant stop till that is done. Otherwise this was all for nothing and Hamas has to be Stopped Israeli’s cant live with Rockets raining down. Palestinians cant go through this every few years either so the tunnels have to be destroyed. Palestinians ( Mainly Hamas ) has to realize their will never be peace or a 2 state solution as long as they call for the Genocide and destruction of Israel. This is a fight they cant win and World opinion against the Israel will not sway them to giving up the fight ever Their is only 3 possible outcomes to this..!

#1 – Hamas goes away and is pushed out by the more moderate people and the PLO gets back into power.  Then their is a lasting cease fire and 2 state solution is born. But in the Palestinians Constitution, or similar document has to acknowledge Israel right to exist. They denounce calling for the destruction and murder of all Jewish people. Then a Palestinian states is formed ! the borders are hammered out. But they will never get Jerusalem there will never be a deal if they want sole possession. The World doesn’t want to see them get that either. If that happens their will be only one religion in Jerusalem and their will be no access to any sites. The radical’s will push there way back and they will tear everything Christian and Jewish down. Destroying 5000 thousand years of ancient Holy sites and instituting Sharia Law through out the Land.
#2 – The Caliphate and Radical groups like ISIS cause the Shia and Sunni to start a civil war and spreads through out the middle east all the tribes and dictatorship countries fall. Their is mass killings on both sides Jordan and Egypt get dragged in because of Refugees. After a huge humanitarian crisis and 100’s of thousands are dead and the countries are bombed out shells. The world steps in and most of the middle east is a burned out shell except for the rich Arab States and Iran.  they now step in after the chaos and become self anointed rulers of the now mostly borderless middle east. After the Wars their is no Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Sudan, Ethiopia and possibly Iran. Because in the atmosphere their no Oil being sold, No exports, tons of refuges and Iran isn’t strong enough Economically to survive.
#3 – The third more disturbing outcome is that Iran gets a nuclear weapon. Then radical groups are given them to set a nuke off inside Israel and American cities simultaneously. If you think these groups wont kill themselves and their people to eradicate Israel I have a bridge to sell you. They consider it a Duty and a gift to their memories and families it’s what they were born to do. They have been taught this in their schools and religious institutions at an early age. And if this happens possibly 100’s of thousands or millions will die and basically World war 3 starts. But the aftermath is devastating enough besides the fact they have wiped out the Jews. But by doing this they have also wiped out all the Palestinians and make much of the middle east Toxic. This part of the world is so small Israel is only about 1.5 times the length of Long Island 290 miles. A small Nuke would render the cities uninhabitable for hundreds of years flattening everything out in 100 plus mile wide area. Take a look at what just a Nuclear power plant meltdown in Japan did to that city and surrounding areas. It’s is quarantined and a ghost town ! no one can live their. They estimated it will be 50 years before the surrounding area’s can be used again. Jerusalem would become a ghost town and most of Israel, portions of Jordan, Lebanon depending on the way the wind blows western part of Iraq you wouldn’t be able to live in. Todays Nukes are measured in megatons not kilotons that’s 1000 tons of TNT Vs 1 Million tons of TNT. The bomb in Hiroshima was a 15 kiloton device and it did allot of damage so what would a bomb that’s 20 million tons of TNT have done. That device weighed 6000 LBS the size of a Mini Cooper kind of hard to hide. But a suitcase Bomb with todays technology could wipe out a borough and a small van could wipe the city out. Russia Bomb weighed 60.000.00Lbs that’s less then a Semi-Truck.
These are the only outcomes that can happen in the middle east and the peace process. I think if you get rid of the Radical’s in the middle east their would be peace in many countries. There is a minority that is ruling the countries , the people, the governments. Because their so brutal to their own people and rule with a Stalinist hand no one wants to stand up to them. When good people do nothing then True Evil flourishes the Arabs, Palestinians, Egyptian’s, Jordanians, Afghanistan’s, Iraqi’s etc. They are all at a crossroads that will dictate their futures and a way of life for the Next few hundred years. A entire religion is being held hostage while 2 others are systematically being wiped out. I cant believe that on the News nothing being said about the Christians that are being killed, Be-headed , women being rapped and forced to convert. Instead of focusing on that their focusing on Calling Israel to stop Defending itself from a almost certain fate. Because the rest of the world and Media outlets aren’t even covering what’s going on out their. And our President Flying around the states to fund raisers and golfing. We been spoiled by thinking our shores will keep us safe ? The Japanese were ready to come to our Shores and landed in Alaska. If the German’s one the war against England they would have landed on our shores. If we think the terrorist wont come here I got news for you they already are..! And the state of our borders right now and the policy of the Obama Divisionist is letting terrorist in ..!
“It’s not the Obama Administration it’s the Obama Divisionist..!”
The Facts ! this is why Israel cant allow Iran to have Nukes.
The Bomb Russia detonated would have wiped all of Japan and the Islands and part of China of the map. Russia detonated the largest device ever known we could only estimate the power at 58 megatons “58 million tons of TNT”. Remember a megaton is 1 million tons of TNT. The Hiroshima bomb was measured in kilotons equal to 1000 tons of TNT. You can bet the Russians gave Iran the Technology and that’s why Israel cant have Iran have the final technology or enough Uranium for a bomb. The Hiroshima Bomb only had 64KG of poor uranium compared to today. We have so much spent Uranium from dismantled bombs we use it to tip armor piercing bullets. Because its such a dense material it can go through just about anything and used as reactive armor on Tanks Etc. 
The Tsar detonated by Russia was 10 times bigger then anything we ever detonated watch this Video and you will understand why we have to get rid of these things and make sure irresponsible Ideological governments don’t get a hold of this Technology:
Well, kilo means a thousand, and mega means a million, and there are a thousand thousands in a million, so what does that suggest?
Hiroshima Facts:
Hiroshima atomic bomb and its power was such that between 66,000 to 69,000 people were killed instantly.

The fallout resulted in cancers and other illnesses, leading to more deaths. The estimate of the US Energy Department is that 100,000 died by December 1945. By 1950, over 200,000 had died from the lingering effects of the atomic bomb.

The size of the Hiroshima atomic bomb’s fireball was 1,200 ft (370 m) high. The temperature was estimated to be 7,200 F (3,980 C). Everything in the fireball’s path was obliterated. Humans were killed and cremated instantly, glass melted and sand was molted as well.

The heat was so intense shadows of people were embedded into buildings. In total, the Hiroshima fireball measured 2 miles (3.2 km) in diameter. This was very close to the damage blast radius size.

Although the size of the Hiroshima atomic bomb is well known, other facts remain classified. What is known is the bomb held 64 kg of uranium. Of this weight, 0.7% underwent nuclear fusion. 0.6g of this was changed into energy. The uranium was segregated into two parts, the projectile and target.

The projectile held 38.5 kg of the mass (60%). It had 9 uranium rings each with a diameter of 5.25 inches (158 mm). There was a 4 inch hole in the middle and pressed by canisters with 7 inch thick walls. The target had a diameter of 4 inches and was 7 inches long. It was held by a bolt with a 1 inch diameter.

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