Veterens FT. Hood Shooting

We are going to have a real bad problem with our Vets returning. More of these types of shooting are going to happen. In Viet Nam war average time of a tour was 30-60 days with 2 week break in between. This war since the Iraq war veterans have done 2-3 tours of up to 6 months at a time. Can you imagine what kind of shape the Viet Nam vets would be in if they had tours that long. These guys are being wound up so long and then come back to a rotten economy, no money to treat them, no hope of getting a job. The best thing for a Vet is to return get a job ASAP and deprogram. They can’t do that they have to come back then get on welfare because they can’t find jobs.

That has to be so hard for them mentally..! I can only imagine that after being in a family, brotherhood, etc. To come home sit and do nothing but listen to the left and the negative news about them. To hear the daily news saying we failed, it was a mistake, the government didn’t support them. It was a waster of money and put the country in Debt and it’s because of that the country all screwed up. what do you thing these guys and girls would feel like. then being away from family so long and people changing then trying to reestablish relationships. This is a lot of stuff do adjust to in good circumstances let alone bad.

We have never been known for taking good care of our Vets period. Ever since world war 2 which was different time and different make of men and women. Those people came back to a huge win, roaring economy, housing boom and large manufacturing base. Everyone who came back got a job, house, car and got into society immediately. Now we have Veterans sitting around for months and years before even getting medical help. So I can imagine there is a lot of disillusioned veterans out their mad at their country and the people in it. If we don’t straighten this out we will have 500 thousand walking wounded on the band wagon for a long time.

So support your local and nation wide veteran support services and thank them when you see them for serving. whether you agree with the policy or the wars should not be put on them.

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