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WTF were they thinking when they passed a trillion dollar bill with about 500 million of it all pork for the Left and Right. This was a windfall for Large corporate and environmental groups like the Maple Syrup tree study what happened to common sense.  Allot of this is because half the Country is on Food Stamps we cant pay for this. We are printing money like water and many countries are starting to look to the British sterling instead of the US dollar. If the Chinese and others decide the US dollar is in trouble because of our Debt. We keep spending like this it will happen sooner then later the dollar crashes and inflation hits. We will be paying 10 dollars for milk, 8 dollars for Gas, and a loaf of bread will be 4 bucks. All the food stamps and welfare and health care for free wont matter nobody will have the money. Why you think their is so many commercials for putting real money into Gold and Silver.
Some think the Worse might happen and Congress just spends like it going to all of sudden turn around everyone will go back to work and Taxes will be collected. We will pay back that money then and don’t worry about it now..! this is like a couple that makes 100 grand a year and they just bought a house for 1.2 million and monthly payments are 9.000.00 of their income monthly. They saw a commercial for a new car 5000 dollars off so they buy the 35 grand BMW vehicle. then see a Vacation to Paris for 15 grand load up the credit cards at 22 percent worry about it later. They come back from vacation and now their having a kid because she is late. Their Obama Care health plan is 5.000.00 thousand out of pocket and 450 a month. Their Electric is 230 dollars a month and  yea the Taxes are 12 grand grand a year because they live in a suburb of CA. This is a couple that is cruising for a bruising and so is our government. Like this couple if one loses their Job they lose everything house , car etc.
Our Tax base is not expanding it is decreasing Illegal Aliens are coming across at lower numbers then ever then before. You think  their a reason for this their are no jobs and not to many prospects. Only except to collect and live for free on what ever you can squeeze out of the government. More are retiring then are working every year then before and those that are working aren’t making the money they used too. So why our Government isn’t seeing this is beyond me..? We should be looking to reduce our spending every year for a few years maybe even for the next 5-7 years. We should be getting out of the backs of the Small Business man. We should be encouraging tax breaks to those that start a small business. We should be taxing Large corporations fairly and closing loop holes for large Businesses. We should be incentivizing people to get off of Food Stamps and government subsistence programs.
We need to Educate more kids and at a better level then we are. We should be making Education affordable and not letting graduates get into 50 grand worth of student loans. there is so much common sense stuff that can be done but unless we take the money out of politics it will never happen. Term limits and making politicians live like common folks might make them make some better decisions. Every bill should be means tested and paid for fully before it is passed. I blame both sides for this screw up and im sure it wont be the last. Because we are now so far in the hole people just say WTF. Like the famous movie Risky Business sometimes you just have to say WTF that’s all Congress is doing.

When the Senate votes on passing the new bipartisan farm bill Tuesday, it’s deciding on $956 billion tax dollars in spending over 10 years.

The bill itself is 949 pages. That averages out to over a billion per page.

What’s in the new farm bill? The vast majority of the cost, approximately 80 percent, is to pay for the food stamp program and policies intended to help the poor. The program has ballooned over the past decade from approximately $20 billion a year to $80 billion. One quarter of children live in a household that receives food stamps, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

The rest of the bill contains a new tax on Christmas trees and billions of dollars for subsidies, research money, marketing programs and all kinds of food initiatives.

The farm bill has long been a target of taxpayer watchdog groups who criticize many provisions as welfare for corporate giants and special interests. According to US PIRG, the confederation of state Public Interest Research Groups, four percent of agribusiness collected 74 percent of the farm bill subsidies in recent years. Some of the biggest recipients of farm subsidies include Tyson’s Food, Pilgrim’s Pride and Riceland Foods.

“At a time of supposed fiscal caution, this bill would put taxpayers on the hook for another five years of billion-dollar handouts to huge, profitable agribusiness,” says PIRG’s Dan Smith. “These subsidies are pure and simple a boon for special interests, at the expense of average taxpayers.”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the farm bill, argues that it “further expand markets for agricultural products at home and aboard, strengthen conservation efforts, create new opportunities for local and regional food systems and grow the biobased economy.”

The farm bill creates a new 15-cent tax on every live cut Christmas tree sold, to create a board to promote Christmas trees. It increases spending on programs that pay for ad campaigns for giant agriculture companies. And critics say it spends billions advancing junk food additive such as high fructose corn syrup while healthy foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, receive relatively little subsidies.

The bill increases funding to $200 million a year for the Market Access Program, which pays to advertise and promote industries and products.

Beneficiaries have included McDonald’s and Fruit of the Loom. Critics say the money has paid for a reality TV show in India to promote cotton and that Welch Food got $844,000 last year to pitch grape juice overseas even though it produced $608.5 million in sales.

They also say Sunkist, the largest fruit and vegetable marketing co-op in the world, got $1.8 million tax dollars. Other recipients include the Washington Apple Commission which reportedly received $4.6 million last year, a potato marketing association which received $4.7 million, wool and sheep products, the California Cling Peach Board and the U.S. Hide, Skin and Leather Association.

The farm bill continues funding for a controversial catfish inspection office created in 2008. A coalition of taxpayer watchdog groups including the Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) says the office duplicates one that already exists at the FDA and spent $20 million over four years without inspecting a single fish.

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