Using Steroids In Baseball

Using Steroids in Baseball send the wrong message to our younger kids. It sends the message you want to get up on your competition take a drug. You want a short cut not have to work as hard take a drug. It’s the society we live in today everyone wants a quicker and easier way to the top.

Any person in professional sports that takes Steroids should be banned for life. They should also have to pay back the money on their contracts. Using steroids is like stealing and is stealing from those that are playing it straight. Your contract is based on your performance and if you’re using you have an unfair advantage. No different then stealing from the corporation or the payers who do it the old-fashioned way.

Steroids is a big problem in high school and college sports. So you have to wonder where did they get the idea from. What kind of example do these big league players send to the kids. Many don’t think it’s a big deal or a big problem and I also blame the owners. The pressure to perform on these guys is huge. When their hurt they look for a quick way back to the big money.

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