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Im Watching The Hearings Going On Now !

I can not believe what is going on everyone says just a problem on how we handle applications. It’s obvious it was targeted campaign against the right and Tea Party like organizations. This could have had a major effect on the Campaign and the election. To think it wasn’t headed by Obama is nuts. But his cronies will say it wasn’t me, it’s the way the system was setup to review applications. OUTGOING IRS Commissioner Steven Miller said it was the way the criteria for applications wasn’t fair. If this was true then this would have been a problem since 501c organizations came to be.

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This is how the Left is going to take over they will place people in key positions. Labor, judicial, FBI, IRS, Immigration, Media and they will control it all. This is a Liberal progressive take over of the government. With people in place to prevent the right from moving back in. By being proactive by suppressing the right funding, media access, controlling grass-roots organizations. They have successfully taken over a large part of the government. When you have a corporate culture like this in a Company! you fire the board and clear out all the key people. The only way we can do that is the next election we need to take back the presidency and both houses.

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