Martin Bashir Libral Party Toting Idiot

Martin Bashir Liberal Party Toting Idiot..!

I was flipping through the channels and caught Martin Bashir saying to a correspondent. That if it wasn’t for the Republican obsession in august and the attack on Benghazi the President might actually be able to talk about a real problem. 

The president was talking about the health care bill  today at a democrat Whitehouse event. That stupid M*#&$t F$#@%$ Bashir said:  “The President’s actually talking about something That might

English: Journalist and Nightline anchor Marti...

English: Journalist and Nightline anchor Martin Bashir at Calvary Baptist Church in Manhattan on May 5, 2007. Category:Martin Bashir (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

actually save lives.” The obsessed Republicans with Benghazi and the hearings prevents the word from getting out. Democrats don’t care about Benghazi, the hearing’s or the fallen at the Embassy. It’s not something they voted on to push through on the public or in this country. It’s not something they can lie about to pass, manipulate, or fund. They want the Benghazi attack to go away so they can go on with their liberal progressive agenda. Only 4 people died that day and scores injured, lives ruined, not nearly as important as the Obama Care Bill.

What do the Republicans know about real issues ? Or trying to get a bill no one wants ?

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It will ruin the country though and bankrupt us. At the minimum it will force us into a fiscal nightmare never climb out of. Not enough younger people are settling into this great bill. So far all it’s done is drive my Health care cost up. Most my doctors have dropped Medicaid and more are getting less from Medicare. Their now billing me for the rest because the excepted payments are less. These guys even now admit it may cost twice as much as they thought. 

Not enough young people are even signing up for it. So the whole reason for it was to cover the under 30 crowed and pre existing conditions. Because you have a huge pool of sick and old not being offset by the younger group. Prices are going to double, Soon no one will be able to afford to keep their policy’s. This is so much more important then the 4 Dead Embassy people right this minute  you idiot Bashir.

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