Anemy Combatant Or Not ?

Enemy Combatant Or Not ?

I don’t get this why the hell did the Administration have this guy mirandized. I understand that people have rights. Having been on the other side and having my Miranda rights read to me. I know this guy is going to shut up now and not say a word. I’m hearing now they were on welfare. These Chechnya refugees living here on taxpayer dollars accused of one of the most horrible crimes ever. This should certainly re ignite the whole welfare debate.! how many illegals here are collecting. We need to stop this crap and maybe allow people who come here get welfare for 3 months. Then they have to get a job or leave and I don’t care if there picking fruit at a farm or shoveling shit. No one should be allowed to come here and collect Welfare for ever. Apparently this is exactly what’s happening with many illegals. It’s bad enough we have generations of American Born collecting for many years.

This guy should have never been allowed to actually pull this bombing at all. They FBI was notified and they should have been watching them. That goes to my earlier post about the FBI. I cant believe the family yelling that we are setting the boys up.

Is that the old mother saying my Son’s a good Boy he Never do nothing bad..!

Ill tell you what after this guy is convicted and he will be. He should also be charged with Treason and shot by a Military Squad. I believe any person whether US citizen or not plots and takes a bulk action against Americans that is treason. He travelled to a foreign country for the express purpose of learning how to Bomb correctly. Seems there must be classes abroad like Bombing 101 in these safe places. First thing they should have done is torture this boy for everything he knows. You know the Left going to say see what happens when Sequestration happens. Because the FBI didn’t have the funds or Agents were furloughed because of it.

This Nut case is a Enemy Combatant and I don’t care that his brother made him do it. So if my Sister makes me bomb a bunch of people it’s not my fault. After this case is done the whole family should be packed up and sent back. There assets should be confiscated and bank accounts. They should be charged for what ever it cost to go to Russia and interview the father. You cant tell me they didn’t know about the sons being radicalized or the trips to in Russia. Normally I would say a Son or Daughter cant be held to be responsible in Most cases. But when the parents have known and their attitudes are such then they should be blamed. This is like that Cable show the Americans the Russians sent here to live like us till activated.

This needs to be investigated fully including all family members and ties to others in Russia. When you chose to commit Murder especially in the way they did. You lose all your rights. You have no rights and deserve no mercy or Quarter. If we don’t start taking this attitude and prosecute like this. Then every want to be terrorist and Radical Islamic Transplant will end up here.

Lets call this what it really is ! a war Against Radical Islam that is Intolerant and says you convert or get killed. They are hell bent on destroying the Infidels and want a global Islamic Government and Law. The moderate will never speak up because their scared. They don’t want their heads cut off when there country falls and government taken over. This country in trouble we don’t wake up and more Presidents like Obama and Pelosi will end us all. when there is a Nuclear explosion in NY then maybe they’ll see the light..!

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