Look Your Upgrading Your Hard Drive

Dont skimp on the hard drive I get the question all the time is this a good price ? Should i by this Hard Drive it’s cheep! You can go and find lots of Hard Drives for 100 bucks or less for 1TB. Here the thing many of the cheep drives, green drives, 5400rpm HD are slow and thought there cheep they will slow your computer down. 2 Bottlenecks in your computer are HD and Video Cards. Used to be you could only get one type of Hard Drive. But know there’s many different speeds, Sata Technologies, Seek times and of course Green Drives. Green just means slow and less power and they turn off allot so you have to wait for them to spin back up.

Here is Hard Drive test of my drives you’ll see how much faster a good drive is. I might have paid 35.00 dollars more when it comes to transfers and copying things, watching Videos, make a big Difference.

WD Black

Western Digital Black Drive

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